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I've started using SIS recovery mix after exercise and was wondering if anyone had any advice about quantity in relation to exercise. Do i just mix up a litre after every ride or just the bigger ones?

Steve Austin

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Never used Recovery, but i use PSP22 and find that the suggested quantities are a tad strong for normal riding for me.
I varied levels until i found an amount that was right for me. so i would suggest you try some different amounts until you find a level that is good for you.

You could always email SIS as they very helpful :thumbsup:


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The recovery drink is a different formulation in that it has a higher protein content.

The theory here is that after long rides, when your blood and liver glycogen levels are zeroed, your body goes scavenging for calories where it can. It will get a high proportion from body fat but protein breakdown will also occur hence your muscle tissue is actually subject to being metabolised.

To repair damage to body tissues that takes place after all exertion also requires protein.

so i think there is good nutritional theory behind having a recovery drink but only after very long rides - say 50 miles plus; shorter rides don't hammer your resources enough.
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