Six Nations Rugby 2015

A thread where fun can be poked at the Scotland team.

The tournament gets underway on Friday 6th February, with England travelling to Cardiff to take on the Welsh, with a 8.05pm KO.

The other fixtures in the first weekend take place on Saturday 7th, with Ireland in Rome to play Italy, and the mighty Jock warriors travelling over to Paris to put the French to shame.

Hopefully it'll be a good tournament.


Always enjoy the 6 nations...
Good article by Eddie Butler (as ever) about the respective travails of the two coaches heading for Friday night's opening
Who to win? Scotland will win more than people think, Wales will disappoint, Ireland will have flashes of solidarity, the Italians will have the best anthem and crowd participation in such, the French will be 'l'enigma' (as in a few of their players will be a bit "toulon" in the tooth for such a tournament), and the winners are...England!

Watch it and tingle!
Then, perhaps contrast it with the equivalent 'soccer' occasion...

May the games be enjoyable and may the 'best team' win. I'll try and watch! :smile:


Ah any 2 of the 3 fly halfs will be fine I think (though Cippers has got the worst kicking record), much as Farrel is a good player, might be a blessing in disguise that he's out of the tournament. More interesting will be the centre choices I think, if 12trees gets on the pitch I really will be despairing.
Just really hope we beat the Welsh!


I'd be quite happy with an England Grand Slam and Scotland 2nd with 4 wins :smile:
My fiance left till after we'd been together a little while to let on that she supported Scotland as that's where her dads family is from, despite the fact her mums family are from Surrey and she was raised in the Cotswolds.... Considering one of the things that got us together was our shared enjoyment of rugby I thought it might've been something worth mentioning sooner!


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I think Scotland will do better than a lot of people expect. Cotter has us playing with a bit of flair and invention, rather than trying to wear teams down using the pack, completely ignoring our back line.

Could be a good tournament for the reigning 5 Nations Champions.
Hmmm, away to France in the first game - tourney could be over before it's started...


What’s the point
So... what round will see Scotland humiliated..?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Wales this year.
I am keeping everything crossed for Wales this year.

hopefully they have passed 20minutes good rugby per half disease to another team having suffered with it for a few years now


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Ireland without BOD, England without half the team, Italy without a big enough club scene to produce a full set of skilled and practiced players, and Scotland without any clue in scoring tries, makes me think that it will be either Wales or France this year. I'll avoid making my predictions until Friday evening.


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Depends which version of France show up. At best, they're unstoppable. At worst they might as well be sat in a cafe drinking wine and smoking Gitanes discussing strike action.
We do seem to have a blind spot about SDF, hope I'm wrong though.
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