Small saddle bag for Brompton.


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I think there are plenty on Wiggle that would fit, however I find it easier to just stuff a spare tube in the frame, opposite the Brompton toolkit. I just loop a rubber band around the clamp bolt and the tube to prevent it disappearing too far into the frame.
Can anyone recommend a small saddle bag for a Brompton that can stay on when folded. Only want to fit one spare tube no space for tools needed as I treated myself to the Brommie tool kit last year. A strap for a rear light to clip on would be good.

This one looks ok I could probably glue and stitch a rear light strap on to it .
Would the one on the Brommie website suit?

Various colours.,-black-and-lime-green/c-24/c-72/p-1704


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Almost any small bag will do including a cut-off pant leg with an end sewn shut. If you have a Brooks or Brommie saddle , a loop of paracoord or nylon strap through the saddle loops and secured with a dowel works fine. As far a size goes one big enough to hold a cell, wallet, tools, innertube and a sweater or light jacket is most useful for me so I can strip or add a layer or two and have my shorts pockets empty in gwarmer weather. Doesn't impact the fold much.


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Thanks for the replies .Will have a look at putting an inner tube into the frame tube and also very tempted by the Brompton Waxed Khaki seat bag which at £20 seems very reasonable.

I had presumed that Genuine Brommie accessories would cost an arm and a leg which doesn't seem to be the case.

PS ordered it click and collect through Evans .Same prices as Brompton on line store.^_^
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The bag in this picture is bigger than you want but it stays on the bike at all times, even when folded. It demonstrates that any reasonable bag should do.
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