So I spent 2 hours

Let the train take the (st)rain! :rain:


Proud Daddy
cleaning the bike today - ready for tomorrows commute and I have just seen the weather forecast for London on the news..:cursing:
I had exactly the same euphoric moment after washing the bike off today. Heavy rain and high wind for my 19 mile round trip tomorrow! Nice.

I do have a new gore oxygen jacket to test out tho, so I'm looking forward to that


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South Manchester
Quick wash only today, knowing the forecast. Hee Hee.


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The only time I've spent 2 hours cleaning a bike is just before it went on ebay. Usually a chain wipe every week along with pumping up the tyres/airzound. A chain bath every fortnight along with a cable lube. A wipe down with baby wipes also once a fortnight.
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