So, the shiz hits the fan, and you don't get away with it, what do you want played at your check out


Puzzle game developer
If I had to sit through all of that, I would be wanting to swap places with you in the coffin! :laugh:

Ace of Spades would do for me ... :okay:


Tin Pot

Just a looped tape:

"It's better to be right, than liked.
Everything is not equivalent.
Intuition is dead.
Your anecdotal evidence is worse than worthless, it's immoral.
Advertising is the root of all evil.
Even if it kills you, you will never regret having sex.
Religion does not cause war.
There is no point in lying, tell those feckers the truth.
The vast majority of people are too stupid to be trusted with crossing the road on their own.
Your boss really is clueless, it's not just the way they seem."
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