Songs that hit you straight between the eyes...

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You know the ones...they knock you sideways he first ime you hear them.

Here's one..I caught it on the Jool Holland show years ago and have only just found it. It's Bjork singing 'Joga' misspelt 'yoga' on this particular live version.
Bjork is like Marmite, you either love her or hate her...if you're in the hate camp still try's sublime and for reasons I dont understand it always makes my eyes smile with water:blush:



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If I was your mother by Bon Jovi ...that track just HITS you in the balls can feel the kick drum like you had your head in it.
Bon Jovi? Nooooooo.:sad:
I've said it before, and I'll say it again!
Johnny Cash's 'Hurt'! Makes the hairs on my back stand up - on every listen. Haven't heard the original Nine-Inch Nails' version, though to make a comparison.

Black's 'Wonderful Life' always did something, as did Jon and Vangelis' 'I'll Find My Way Home' - which is what I'm doing at the moment: Hong Kong airport, and it's 'kin' cold! :sad:
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