Sora vs Claris (cassette)


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have been looking to pick-up a new 8 speed cassette.
current 8 speed is Sora but looking around now they're not that easy to find, most are Claris.
will I notice any discernible quality between Sora and Claris or is it just branding/marketing?


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It's because 8-speed Sora was discontinued about 9 years ago and it went to 9-speed.

Shimano 2300 then Claris were the 8-speed replacements. Any 8 speed cassette with a Shimano-type fitting (SRAM, etc) with the same cassette range will work the same way.
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Just get an 8 speed Shimano or SRAM cassette with the same tooth pattern :okay:
Cassettes are consumables, doesn’t really matter what brand or range
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