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Hi all, sorry its been so long since I have been around, I have been busy at work and hom and have just returned from a holiday.

This place has always been a great support to me and as such I wanted to just post a quick update on how im doing (Some of you have seen this on my blog) ...Thanks again for all the support !

My road is and has been a VERY long one, but I am now around 4/5 stone away from my “Total” Goal and as such I wanted to take a quick look at where I have come from.

at over 550lbs this is where I started:

At around 400lbs this was the last time I took a vacation:

"Proof, it it were needed how long my road is, after losing 150lbs I still looked this bad."

and finally, after my vacation last week I am now around 290lbs, I am getting there, but I can’t ever forget where I came from !


My next goal is to have lost another 35-45lbs by Dec 31st this year, if I do that then I am in touching distance !!!! If I can do it ANYONE can !!!

Wish me luck ! and thans again, Gaz


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I love the gold crown Gaz....
Well done mate.. you are an inspiration to many.


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ianrauk said:
I love the gold crown Gaz....
Well done mate.. you are an inspiration too many.
Absolutely. Your threads were some of the first I read when searching for info last year before getting back on a bike for the first time in years, and the story is an inspiration. Congratulations on your progress.


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Another 15lbs and you'll have lost half of your original self!

How careless - and you say you really can't remember where you left him?

All the best for the rest, and with keeping it off once you're there.

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'Well done' doesn't seem nearly enough to recognise your achievement - you have really put my efforts to lose 2 stone into perspective :blush:


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A1 matey !!! Keep it coming....
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