Star-Trek 'Gadgets'

Yes and no.

Star trek wasn't aired in the UK till 1969 a widely known fact that leads to a lot of confusion on topics like this.
Maybe so, but my point was in relation to this from PK99,
It goes back further than Star Trek. Samsung won a patent case against Apple by arguing that the Tablet form was first shown in 2001 space oddesey.
I doubt if Samsung were basing their case on when Star Trek or Space Odyssey were aired in the UK


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My French mate Anthony was good at English but my French is rubbish . When i got a google thingy i used to talk into it and add translate to French . I say used too because Anthony hasnt been round for a while :scratch:


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Actually, that picture is from the short lived Canadian Dr Who rip off.

To avoid being sued by the BBC, the time ship was called the TURDIS.

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I can't remember which one it was, but there was a Philip K Dick story in which the protagonists find an alien artefact. They find it has a number of very useful functions. Unfortunately, the last was a nuclear self-explosive.
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