Strange Debit Card


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I've got a debit card.

It's got two PI numbers .. one for ATM when I get beer vouchers out of the hole in the wall, one for chip'n'pin, when I buy things at the supermarket.

A few weeks ago, the C'n'P number got screwed up (errr .. I forgot it!!)

So I contacted the bank (via an 0870.. number) and the person I spoke to said I could reset my PIN at an ATM .. so I did.

But I still couldn't use the C'n'P in the supermarket.

So I contacted the bank (via an 0870.. number) and the person I spoke to said that they would reset my PIN and send me the new number. I double checked that this would be my C'n'P number, not the beer voucher number. There was a slight hesitation, then the guy said yes.

A few days ago I got a letter from the bank with some complicated thing on it that revealed my new C'n'P number -- the same as my beer voucher number.

It didn't work.

So I contacted the bank (via an 0870.. number). I had a long conversation with a girl from Newcastle (or possibly Sunderland). She had never heard of a card having two numbers. She put me in touch with the Debit Card Big Cheese. She said she had never heard of such a thing either. There was, she said, no way of resetting the "other" number.

So, she's sending me a completely new card and new number. It should, she assured me, work for both Beer Voucher Machine and C'n'P.

Anyone else had any experiences like this?



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I've never heard of such a thing. Did you imagine you had a C&P number that was different to your beer voucher number, then instantly forget it? Possibly this happened a few hours after winning big style on the beer voucher machine?


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Keith Oates said:
So long as the beer vouchers are available and the pub is open, what's the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A very good point, and one which has kept me going for the past week or so.

However, Mrs AC keeps dragging me off to the supermarket for more supplies of soap powder, washing-up liquid and so on. So far, I've had enough cash to hand , but one day soon there could be an embarrassing moment ..:tongue:.


Nope. Either you, or the bank (more likely), or both, have got their knickers in a twist. Cards should only have one pin number that should work at the ATM and in shops.
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