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  1. Blue Hills

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    I do like to see a nicely built bus shelter that goes the extra mile. Maybe that makes me look sad but I always think it makes places look civilised/concerned for the wider community. Maybe a separate thread in order. Much used by audaxers of course. I'm not one but I have used one for making an espresso on a night ride.
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    LBS, Usually
    It actually was (look closely at right side of sign). :laugh:
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    I was eating my sandwiches in a rather nice, recently built, bus shelter in Upchurch in Kent last winter, when a lady came up and said "I hope you are enjoying our bus shelter". I said I was. I was unsure whether she was expressing civic pride or telling me to sling my hook "this is local bus stop for local people". I suspect a bit of both.
  6. There's a nice one, not too far from me
    It's in a 'conservation village', where practically every house of the 40 (or so?) up there is listed, or of architectural/historical importance to some extent!

    A building, at random;
  7. I was along there today, as I'd been to view the progress of a new bridge, being constructed to take a cycleway/footpath/bridleway, over the Castleford - Leeds railway line (the new bridge replaces a demolished one, on another trackbed)

    As I popped out, by the LaFarge plant gates, the sign at that end of the access road was blue!!
    I didn't think it was that cold today!!

  8. Lancastrian Menace.jpg
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  9. Drago

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    Now, I know I'm easily confused, but... entrance-only-do-not-enter-quote-1.jpg
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    That's one o' they "You had one job..." examples!
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  11. An advertising board, not a sign

    It appears we have deep bath-tubs in Wakefield!!

    Funnies. Wakefield. Crystal Springs Buildings. Deep Bath.JPG
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  12. Where the last 'Homely House' is??


    There's another house with this name, in the 'WF' postcode areas
    The other is (I think it may have had the sign taken down now?) on Barnsdale Road, near Allerton Bywater
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  13. Outside a pub that I pass on my way to work

    From my files, not recent (no date on file)

    The Colt Seavers Tribute Band!

  14. Apparantly, quite common-place in Yankie-land

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