Strange Road Signs

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  1. bladderhead

    bladderhead Well-Known Member

    I like that sign. I was on the demo yesterday.
  2. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    What is the story behind the sign?
  3. bladderhead

    bladderhead Well-Known Member

    Good question. Tell us!
  4. downesy

    downesy Über Member

    51191945_10158331566883782_2709511497712664576_n.jpg read the small print
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  5. further

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  6. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    No Circular Bikes.jpg

    Yes, I know it does not mean that in Spanish, but I need an excuse to tell you about my recent trip . . .

    I have read the words, many times, ‘I had to leave the country for a few days.’ And I had to do just that. Nothing interesting, just my Brazilian visa details. But all the same I had to do it. It might be interesting to see what Brazil does to those who overstay their visa, but not that interesting. We went to Buenos Aires.

    Not having thought about currency, spending in pesos is different. Ten pesos is one Brazilian Real. Five Reals are one pound. So the cab from the airport cost 1300 pesos, 130 Reals or £26. It took me a while to learn, my card coped well. By luck, we had a good hotel in a good area. Florida is a famous shopping street, not that I knew this. The hotel was one block from this street, and bars and restaurants were all around. Puerto Madera is about ten minutes walk, and needs about ten times that to describe it.

    It is the River Plate, maybe more accurately the erstwhile docks that it serviced. The docks have gone, places to eat, drink, and office have replaced them. Oh, and the yacht club. Which has a water taxi to take members from one side of the river to the other, less than a hundred yards across or a walk around of three or four hundred. I suppose they need it. A lot of fun time places all around, and a lot of folk enjoying being there too. Including us.

    For the informed tourist Argentina is beef, all ours was better than excellent, Malbec, better than the beef, and tango. The dance, that is. We had signed up for an evening of tango, which included transport to and from a venue quite some distance away. The organisation was faultless, the entertainment was spot on musically and the evening was long. And my choice of Malbec impressed the waiter almost as much as the wine itself impressed me.
  7. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    South America is good for odd road signs. I have been back in Brazil for some time, so must have done something right on my previous trip. This is the last day and night of a road journey around a small part of that country, organised by my sister and her husband. Better post a pic of a road sign . . .

    01 Street Sign.jpg

    Nope, I do not think it means no fox hunting, but maybe it should. The house looking thing, bottom right, is the local design of litter bin. Local, 'cos we are miles from anywhere, is Treze Tilias, three linden trees. A place with an interesting recent history.
    02 Second Sign.jpg

    And another road sign. E means parking, estaciamento in full I think. The 45 degrees may just refer to the angle the hill makes, but my wonderfully better half tells me it means you park at forty five degrees to the kerb.

    Most of these pictures show the way electricity is delivered to buildings here. Power lines hung from lampposts, and lots of them.
    03 Old Truck.jpg

    Trucks here mean business, despite their apparent age.
    04 Bus Stop.jpg

    This town only for nice bus stops . . .

    IMG_4152 (2).JPG

    The front of a small traction engine, parked outside the town hall. Cannot provide the history of it, I am not here long enough. Folk are very friendly here, one question relating to the whereabouts of the local brewery took at least half an hour to answer, complete with recommendations of what to drink at which time of day.

    IMG_4185 (2).JPG

    One of the local museums, inside here I found the only side saddle I have ever seen. OK it will be difficult to fit it to a bike, and even more difficult to ride. But never mind.

    Side Saddle.jpg
  8. Siclo

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    I like this one


    The first time I rode past it I was going to quick to read it, transpires it's very good advice
  9. Jenkins

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    When I retire, I'm going to apply for a job as proof reader for the company that makes the signs for the local Council.
    Random capital letters and could do with "the" before "grass"
    Capitals - not required.jpg
    Lack of initial capital letter and having to cut a bit out of the parking symbol to make it fit!
    Capitals - required.jpg
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  10. SoapyWeasel

    SoapyWeasel Über Member

    This ones on a local footpath

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  11. toffee

    toffee Über Member


    Seen in Devon last year
  12. Tizme

    Tizme Über Member

    And it certainly sounded like they were there too! ( In the Great Wood, near Crowcombe Heathfield West Somerset Rail Station).
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