Strava climbing challenge


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Purely just out of interest, is anyone attempting it this month ?
20,150 ft to climb by the end of January !
No shortage of climbs round here but simply due to not getting the time, I don't think I'll achieve this one ! I need to get in 2 rides with at least 4,500 ft to be in with a chance of doing it......I'm hoping I can get out tomorrow and then again Monday morning if time allows. New wheels on the bike tonight so I'm itching to try them out on some big climbs tomorrow


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I've finished it, did it mainly by commuting. @Stonechat is on the verge of finishing it and @HLaB probably has finished it already


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I don't use Strava, but I thought I would work out how much climbing I do on my typical routes ...

I think the shortest route has about 1,500 ft of climbing. Last year I averaged the equivalent of that about once every 1.9 days, or about 24,000 ft a month.

In reality, I only did one ride last January! I probably average over 30,000 ft of climbing a month from March to October.
91% after today, so assuming there's at least one OK-ish day next week, I'll make it. It's pretty tricky /not/ to climb a fair distance around here though (Yorkshire Dales), so they tend to happen without trying - the 91% is on just three rides. Today's ride was my 'flattest route I've designed so far' (on request of girlfriend), and it was still about 1500m :\
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