Strava scamblers


This popped up on my Faceache earlier so thought I would share it. Apparently some local authorities are using GPS scramblers to stop Strava users racing round, both on road and off. I've not seen them personally but someone mentioned that some trails in the peaks had now become GPS black spots.

Personally I can see how this technology would be useful to stop timed downhills in high user conflict areas. Like some of the descents mentioned in the article.

Not sure if I agree with the Head of Road Safety at Huntingdon who was quoted as saying "We use speed cameras to catch speeding cars, but until cyclists are properly registered and required to carry a licence plate, catching unruly cyclists is a very difficult task....... Cyclists come here looking to ‘challenge’ themselves, but really, they’re just getting in the way of the growth of our local economy. We have to make sure that visitors can get to and from nearby Stilton. Cheese is the future of jobs in our area, not cycling." So according to this guy cyclists must be having a serious effect on the sale of cheese and their local economy. But only if they are unruly.


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Maybe they only use it on April 1st :smile:


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