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Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Bluescouse1, 18 Feb 2018.

  1. Turdus philomelos

    Turdus philomelos Veteran

    West Lothian
    GCN answered my question on this very subject a year back.
  2. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    Eye's watering is far more of a problem for me and always has been.
  3. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    I remember my old man was the same. He ended up getting a wee op to tighten the lower lid which worked a treat.

    I'm not saying your issue is the same, just passing comment as I know how much it annoyed him.
  4. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    That is not my problem, but thanks for posting. The eye surgeons, opticians and doctors all say nothing can be done and I will have to live with it. Just bought a helmet with built in visor to see if that helps.
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  5. Tenacious Sloth

    Tenacious Sloth Über Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    I suffer from the same thing and find that wearing a buff covering my mouth and nose helps a lot.

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  6. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    A quick discrete blast of each nostril over the shoulder is the answer, taking care to do it at the back of the group and to project far enough so as to avoid the shoulder itself. UV and oxygen will deal quickly with the stuff you blast out.
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