Sub 8kg bike for not too much money


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My main criteria for a new bike is weight, and I have set a max weight of 8kgG on a budget of £1000 for complete.Road Bike from new. Naturally one assumes only carbon can deliver this sort of reasonable weight.
It's annoying that most manufacturers and some review sites don't give a total weight for a given specification.

Sound impossible?

My findings thus far....

Worlds lightest bike is £N/A 2.7 kg/ 6lb

Giant Defy 3 (Alu) £699 - 9.5kg total (For comparison to what I have)

Trek Emonda Sl5 (Car) £1900 - 8.1 kg (frame 1,050g)

Viner Gladium SRAM Rival 22 Road Bike (Car) £799.99 (frame 1,124G) - Don't have total weight.

Fuji Roubaix 1.1 (Alu) £875 8.58kg/18.93lb

KTM Revelator 3300 (Car), £1299 - 8.37kg/18.46lb

Canyon Ultimate CF SL9.0 (Car) £1899 - 7.45kg

Then I came across the ....

Trek Madone 2.1 Alu, £1000 - 8kg as reviewed in Cycling Weekly

Any other suggestions ?

@ianrauk I hope this thread has sufficient info
Yeah. Adjust the overall weight by losing some and making sure the money is spent on decent components.

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Build your own, i built a scott foil with sram rival 22 that came in at 7.4 kilo for way under a grand, my current cervelo r5 is the same along with the tarmac and venge i built just keep a. eye out for second hand, ex display or on sale frames and build it up with good wheels and components
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Why does it have to be under 8kg?


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What's the point of an 8kg bike if it flexes like John Inman's wrist in a semaphore class? It needs to be light, stiif, and complaint in the required directions. Mass alone is a very poor indicator.


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Most of the Rose road bikes are listed as below 8kg - even those under £1k, but my Xeon CRS3000 is actually over 7kg with pedals, bottle cages, computer etc, fitted and I don't think it was ever as light as the quoted figure.


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I really dont want to ignore your question as it was quite specific but TBH you could end up with a super light bike that rides like a bag of spanners if that is your main consideration. Good frame with the best components for your budget would ensure a better ride than simply the lightest bike.
That Decathlon bike Brian has pointed out seems like a lot of bike for the money.
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