Subscribing to Strava: which pack?


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I have used Stravs for years, but just to record my rides as a reference. I am not interested in KOM's or competing with other riders. However, I would be interested in the Analysis Pack. I have several local rides, between 50km and 100km and would be interested in seeing my relative performance over time.

I would also be interested in Personal Heatmaps, which is part of the Safety Pack. Not really interested in the Beacon. If I get stuck I just phone International Rescue (aka my wife) and send her a Google Maps screenshot of my location.

Comments welcome!
I took out the analysis pack this year after sporrtracks ended support for st3. It shows how long you spent in specific HR zones, keeps stock of your relative effort and shows you your progress via a fitness and freshness display. It does more if you have a power meter. It's been interesting but not so interesting or useful as to make me think I might need it again next year, however for £18 it was worth trying.

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Have you looked at Veloviewer.
You get quite good analysis with it.
Or just try the elevate Strava app.



Now called Elevate it seems.
Well that just goes to show how long it's been since I used Chrome!


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Now called Elevate it seems.
That's an impressive extension. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to synchronize data between different computers. I use several different computers and the initial first scan takes a long time and probably places a big load on the author's server.

Edit: having actually read the instructions it seems I can backup and restore my data, which should solve the problem.
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