Suing the Cat for breach of contract


Accra, Ghana
Did you read the contract thoroughly before you agreed to it? There is probably a small claws which gives exception.
That's the sanity clause and only kids believe in that.


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Set some humane traps or find out where the mice are getting in and block the access.

Keep the cat as a pet. Simples.
This is the most effective option (not bothered about the humane traps myself) we stopped issues with mice altogether by blocking a small gap with wire wool. This was some years ago no mice since.

Edit - not cat either I am allergic (well that's my story anyway)


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The cat is probably getting too old for chasing mice. Get a younger model.
Funnily enough, my younger son has always bathed his cats, they don't cause any bloodshed that I'm aware of. Bloomin' miracle, if you ask me!
Why on earth would anyone bathe their cat?

I appreciate that exceptionally you might need to clean tar, paint oil or whatever off a cat, but the accounts above suggest a regular bathing
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