Suing the Cat for breach of contract


As long as I breathe, I attack.
It won't care.
You're there to provide for it, get over the idea that you're somehow in charge.
spoken like a true cat slave/ owner.


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Remove all benefits (food) it'll either get hungry and buck it's ideas up, or more likely move house and find a new slave/owner.
As an aside we were on holiday in Brittany a couple of years ago, were a pregnant female and her other half had been fed by previous occupants of the holiday let, so we continued, the cats actually pretended to like us, however I realised that this was an act when the Tom brought one of his mates round for something to eat one morning as well, I can imagine him telling the other "soon as it's morning come with me for a free nosh up", crafty little beggars, cats.
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Sack the cat
Get your house mouse proofed
Go to the local Farmers Warehouse as see if you can obtain under the counter industrial mouse killer (as used by the professional hit men)
Has anybody got any experience?
However it has been noted on at least 2 occasions over the last month that mice have found their way into the pantry as Weetabix, Crunchy Nut cornflakes & flour packaging has been chewed.
Don't let them have All Bran unless you want them regular.
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