Suing the Cat for breach of contract


I saw my aunt wash her Burmese cats in the sink. They were both too surprised to protest.
I tried that once with ours. 3 years on my wounds are finally starting to heal.


Oop North (ish)
We decided to tackle this head on, neither my wife nor I like conflict but it had to be done, so we sent the dog outside & sat the cat down, we explained our position & how we felt disappointed in the cat not upholding it's part of the agreement, we did not lose our temper or raise our voices we feel we did very well. Once we had finished we awaited the cat's response, it licked it's paw, got down off the chair arm & walked out without saying anything, it them proceeded to remind us it was time for it's evening food.
Our cat has half got the rat catching thing. She catches them, carefully carries them in, then lets them free in the house, where one at least promptly escaped under the cooker. I believe she thinks we need hunting practice so she brings live ones in for us to practice on.

She does tend to eat (whole) the smaller rodents and pigeons


De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold
Previous cat dragged rabbits in to kitchen through cat flap in garage and then cat flap into kitchen... still alive they used to sit behind the cooker.

The only way to stop the rabbits taking refuge was to replace the kitchen with a built in oven... drastic but resolved problem.

Replacement cat only catches rodents which walk past his nose, if he's awake.
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