Surprised it's still icy

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I had a trundle - and a tumble - on the route one cycle path south of Sunderland this morning.

Conditions were surprisingly poor, a mixture of mud, ice, and water on top.

My fault for not reading the surface correctly, although once the front wheel whips sideways there's not much you can do.

I was in a group of 15, there was one other faller, and we pushed for nearly a mile before giving it up as a bad job and taking to the road.

Even pushing wasn't easy, no grip in places for bike or feet.

My fall was slow speed, and about as least serious as a fall can be.

Still unpleasant - I hope I never have what might be described as a proper tumble.


Same over here in places. If it's a spot that is shaded most of the day, it'll take ages for the ice to thaw.


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Main roads in Winter. I use the Fallowfield Loop for about 3 miles on my daily commute, but it's dodgy in places. Ice bike comes out at low temperatures. Flew past someone walking their bike last week over ice in the evening - I had 'forgot' about the ice on the way home but it was there in the morning. Ice tyres did the job.

young Ed

almost lost it during christmas break on black ice, round a corner blinded by sun descending :sad:
ice and cold made me 15 mins late this morning to meet someone off here for a ride :sad:
Cheers Ed
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