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My daughter rides a Raleigh Vixen, which is a small ladies mountain bike and it has no suspension on it all.

She would like me to replace her front fork with a suspension one.

Can someone advise if this is possible and if so what would be the best to get for around £30.

Thanks for your help.



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If the Raleigh Vixen doesn't already have a suspension fork on it then it is going to be quite difficult getting one that will not affect the geometry of the bike (suss forks tend to be a lot higher, axle to crown, than rigid forks).

I think your budget maybe a bit unrealistic too, I've never seen a suss fork for £30 and personally I don't think I'd spend less than £100 (e.g. Marzocchi MX pro) on a pair, simply because the cheaper ones are so ineffective that it is often more comfortable to stick with rigid forks.

One thing you could try is to put wider tyres on the bike and run them at lower pressures, this will provide a bit more cushioning without changing the frame geometry and it'll be a lot easier to get some decent tyres for £30 than a suss fork!


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I pretty much agree with everything Peyote says. I think even an 80mm suspension fork (that is to say 80mm of fork travel) could well bring up the front of the bike and so affect the geometry / handling.

You can get suspension forks for 30 quid but it would probably mean buying off ebay (watch the postage costs!). However there honestly isn't anything I could recommend for that sort of price, and it still leaves the geometry issue... plus you'd have to fit them, or pay a bike shop to do it.

I'd do what Peyote says and consider swapping the tyres, or perhaps look into more comfortable saddles or maybe a suspension seat post - some of those are certainly in your price range.

Sorry if that doesn't sound too helpful, but I wouldn't want you wasting your money. Good luck.


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And, having googled it, I note that the Raleigh Vixen has a threaded headset (quill stem) so make would make it even harder to find something a) that is suitable, :tongue: that'll fit. Best to stick with what you have or buy a different bike.
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