Taking the tank to Tesco's


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Pub landlord who does Tesco shop in Army tank says 'it's like riding a horse'


Dan said: “The reason I was in Tesco is it has a nice long straight that I could hammer it down. It steers from the centre so it’s a bit like riding a horse - you can’t park it like you can a car.”

Legally, driving the tank is like a car; it’s road-registered, MOT and tax exempt because of its age, and costs a few hundred pounds a year to insure.



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I was thinking how much damage the tracks probably do to the road surface then I saw that the owner talks of tracking tank thieves by the marks left on the road. I wouldn't have thought that Highways England would be too happy with him...


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The Abbot Self Propelled Gun up at Southowram has it outgunned though.


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It's not a tank, it's a CVRT combat vehicle reconnaissance, tracked. You need a track licence to drive one, but he should have someone it the turret to guide him, as you can't see all round.

As for track damage, the ground pressure is lower than most cars, there are rubber pads on the track so shouldn't do much damage. The sticky out bits at the edge can chow up kerb stones though.


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The Challenger 2 has tea making facilities. The crew commander can make a brew while the gunner ranges his victims! They do also have optional headlamps for the late night trips to Tesco Express...

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If the commander is making a brew something has gone very wrong.

I find it interesting from a safety point of view that in service it cannot be taken on the road without at least one additional crew member (normally a qualified commander) in the turret for safety reasons, but I could buy one as a civilian and drive it solo to the supermarket.
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