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Tales from today's commute....

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by martint235, 28 Jun 2012.

  1. straas

    straas Well-Known Member

    Fortunately, no. But I seem to hit every one right on the edge during the dark, rainy evening commutes. Why are there so many uneven, slippery metal things in the cycle lane :-(
  2. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah Staff Member

    Barmy in Barming

    Yeah, I also have a set on my commute, just after a quite fast corner so I do have to be aware and careful.
  3. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Senior Member

    Hmm. Is a "shizzle" a shower becoming a drizzle.
  4. kevin_cambs_uk

    kevin_cambs_uk Veteran

    Near Cambridge
    Bloody windy
    At one point up an incline I had a drafter , if not I think I would have walked a bit it was that strong a wind
  5. Ciar

    Ciar Über Member

    An interesting commute to say the last, very windy but avoided the rain. then had an off in the cycle lane along stratford broadway.

    a rider in front was constantly moving left to right back to left and then sitting centre, i waited until he was sitting on the left and went to move past, only for him to move right! at which time i heard him have a fright lose control and hit me. as some will know you have those lovely raised kerbs running along the side of cycle lanes, over i went into the main road with an arctic heading towards me :smile:

    all was well though i was up and out of the road toot sweet checking on the other rider, who seemed fine and i even fixed his bike, discovered he had only been cycling for four weeks and wanted to turn right at the lights which was a fair distance away, all in all came out of it with a torn leg warmer two scratches knees and a lump on me elbow..... i am generally cautious but in future having experienced those poxy kerbs i shall be double cautious ;-)
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  6. MiK1138

    MiK1138 Über Member

    Interesting Gusty tailwind this morning, it was like pressing the Nitrous button #WOOOOSH
  7. straas

    straas Well-Known Member

    Public Transport this morning :-( Christmas do at work later and didn't want to leave my bike at work over the weekend.

    It was quick though! Door to door in less than 30 mins.
  8. Threevok

    Threevok Über Member

    South Wales
    Disappointing amount of snow. Hoping for more on the commute home
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  9. dhd.evans

    dhd.evans Über Member

    <David Attenborough> "This... in the wild... is what is known as a double hard bastard. A truly unique specimen, quite unlike the others of his kind. Remarkable." </David Attenborough>
  10. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this..........

    Bit of fun on today's commute.....
    Trip in this morning wasn't too bad with just a few snow flurries, but an annoying bump, bump, bump from the back tyre. I vaguely remember noticing it towards the end of my last ride on the bike but due to the pouring rain and it being a return from a night shift the bike just got put away and the bumping forgotten about, until this morning! Once in the light of the works bike shed I inspected the rear wheel and found the tyre had developed a bulge and wiggle where the casing was obviously starting to break up!
    I forewarned my wife that she was on standby for a recovery but would try to limp home on the failing tyre. Obviously I didn't make it and was almost at the halfway point when the tortured rear tyre went flat :sad:
    Recovery service called into action (she's not happy) and I arrived home barely 10 minutes later than I would have without the trouble. New tyres now fitted and moulding sprues trimmed off ready for the commute in the morning.

    Maybe I should replace them a couple of days earlier next time....

    The front tyre wasn't much better;

    Old tyres were fitted in March 2016 and have covered a bit over 4000 miles so not too bad really for a cheapish tyre. Vittoria Randonneur Pro (folding) now fitted in 35mm size so will be interesting to see how these last as I have been very impressed with the set on my road bike for the time I have had them.
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  11. Thorn Sherpa

    Thorn Sherpa Well-Known Member

    Cold commute this morning be interesting to see how cold it gets after the weekend :eek: Don't think I've ever passed as much sick in my life this morning all over the side of the roads xx(!
  12. Randombiker9

    Randombiker9 Active Member

    Probs won't be cycling till snow goes away. Started snowing this morning here and just started snowing more. So looks like i'll be getting bus to college tommorow. :sad: i hate snow and ice i don't cycle when there's snow or ice
  13. Maverick Goose

    Maverick Goose A jumped up pantry boy, who never knew his place

    Some interesting conditions recently...;):cold:I'm going to have my bike serviced while I'm in London next week, as the winter commute is taking its toll. If it gets any colder I'll be bumping into Whitewalkers on my commute:ph34r:!
  14. Randombiker9

    Randombiker9 Active Member

    I dunno where you live but it hasn't snowed in Berkshire since 2011 i think. So i wasn't expecting snow this morning. However most of it's turned into slush now but i'm not going to risk it as it might snow more overnight :/
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  15. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Going to be super-exciting tomorrow morning, wake up & call work to find out if the site is open. Generally always closed when it snows.

    I reckon a good 70% chance I'll be "working from home" tomorrow.
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