Tales from today's commute....

Wed 7th

Old railway embankment
Between ‘Stanley Ferry & NewLands Woods
(circa 16:20)

It's nicely dried out now, but wider?!
It looks like either a pick-up, or the local ‘Moto-Cross Mob’/‘Quad-Squad’ have been along it?

It was certainly a lot drier than one of my last rides along the same diversionary route home
(I also rode along here in mid-March, & failed a climb, due to wheelspin)

Road-Trip. 41.jpg

I'm approximately where the 'd' of 'Dismantled Railway' is on the OS map

Edit @ 19:39
I rode that way, to look for this stone
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Thursday 8th

Old railway embankment
Between ‘Stanley Ferry & NewLands Woods
(circa 16:25)

Just a few hundred yards along from yesterdays picture, I tend to drop off the embankment here, & then turn left towards the (remaining ruinous) Stable Block of NewLands Hall
The River Calder can just be seen, to my right

Road-Trip. 43.jpg
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No pictures today, but half the way in at 6.15am, I rounded a bend and came across a Roe Deer grazing on one of the banks. It stared at my lights and froze for a few seconds and then began a gentle trot ahead and I followed it for a 1/4 mile maintaining a distance of about 30 yards. It then popped though an open gate into a field and stopped to watch me pass.

A mile or so further on, I startled two Roe Deer in a field to my left and they bounded away like Springboks being chased by a lion.

I've seen more deer in the last few weeks on my bike than I have ever seen in my preceding 59 years put together (it helps that on an MTB, my head is above hedge height).

Turns out there's a bit more to cycle commuting than riding a bike to work.
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