Didnt I hear the news reporter say she had also played a singles game earlier?
Yes. She did. Only got a few hours before she was back on.


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Good morning...
Morning. :hello: We have had rain overnight and it's still not particularly nice out.

Been up and fed the cat and had a cuppa but feeling really lethargic this morning so tempted to go back and lie down for another hour or so.
Did you?
Good Morning :hello:
Prove it!
Good morning all:hello:
Dreich and more dreich promised apparently,
my day shall consist of going to get that which keeps me alive (they say), playing radio, waiting on Matalan to text, waiting on EE to call me back with a better offer, looking after the wee fella amongst other stuff, a lazy day, then^_^
Waiting on EE to call you back. It'll be a long wait. The network went down around one this morning and they've been working on getting it up n'running since. 5G was meant to be faster still, but if it's not working...

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Bobby Mhor

Wasn't born to follow
EE will call back tomorrow, collect email never arrived,
learned about bouncing signals off aircraft in m ore detail, watched it in action,
if I can get the sound working on this I might try it myself LOL....

muggy as hell, WX station has gone to pot


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No call tomorrow by 3..
I'll call them..

FYI, BBC Four has a Planespotting Live prog on over three nights later this month(I think) , just in case the All Seeing (classic) Eye missed this
You might just see me on one of those nights.
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