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Yep, I came to this thread regularly because it was the one place I found where there wasn't an inevitable rude, sarcastic or aggressive comment. Ironic therefore that the whole thread population is treated as guilty etc. Sorry guys but if there's nowhere 'safe' on CC then it's a pretty poor state of affairs. I suspect I'll be around a lot less.
CC is pretty safe generally. It's not compulsory to get involved in "stuff" - you have an ignore button. Enjoy the bits you do like and ignore the rest.


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Two hours sleep, in the last thirty-six. Not good.

Medication supposed to be strong enough to put an elephant to sleep, isn't for me.

Oh no! I can't imagine that as I have trouble sleeping, but that must be hell.
I hope you get some rest soon....you can always chat to people on CC when you're awake in the wee small hours....oh wait....



I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
Pastore Pie with vegetables. Just add baked beans for Cowboy Pie or Chili for Gaucho Pie. Slimming World rocks.
Dogs want walking. I may be some time.

Edited to add:
I have changed my mind about the potato topping and now topping my Spag Bol left overs, with Macaroni Cheese and popping it in the oven to brown off. No idea what to call it, but it sounds like it should be delicious.
(still 3)

More editing:
It was bloody gorgeous. Happily, I made too much so have it for tea tomorrow too :smile:
(and still 3)
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Send me over HF please:okay:
Propagation isn't looking good on 21MHz :laugh:

Perhaps 7.030MHz, QRP :hungry:

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The pot stirred...
grounds for divorce...
now was the fruitcake of our discontent...
they bikkit here, they bikkit there...

No brains any of them see?
Got to be berated with a naughty stick in public instead of being politely taken aside one by one and having a quiet word.
It's not like it's hard to do the latter and not like knowing who to speak to if you're in possession of the ammunition of proof to back up your point.
Instead, for all too see, unanswerable (on threat of banning and therefore no answering) allegations are made in a post.

We all participate in the forum in different places on it, we welcome new CC members on the first post thread and then they find the parts that they like to take part in, it's so varied it caters for all sorts. Even has a irreverent Cafe.
I posted on 'What I like about Cycle Chat'

I learned how to use the ignore button, to stop seeing posts from posters that, to me, were annoying. I assume you can look at my list @Shaun ? It's not that long really.

I'll stay, it's mostly fun and friendly as advertised. I just find this particular part heavy handed and more than necessary. :cuppa:
Woahhh dude this is bogus....if we get out of here you can have all my Metallica albums:okay::music:. Evening all:highfive::cuppa:!
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