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Discussion in 'Virtual Training: Bkool, Zwift, CycleOps & others' started by Peteaud, 30 Nov 2013.

  1. Brusgaard

    Brusgaard Über Guru

    Skive, Denmark
    Sorry to hear about that, but plenty of time to find a new HID. The NC is still more than a week away.
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  2. AAAC 76C

    AAAC 76C Large Member

    Only 36 seconds.
    Go on into the last stage of a Grand Tour and that's a chasm.

    I had to google how to spell that!

    Grand Tour

    Or should that be Grande Tour as opposed to a remake of Top Gear
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  3. AAAC 76C

    AAAC 76C Large Member

    Correct answer Sir.

    But don't tell @BILL S
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  4. JJRobinson

    JJRobinson Well-Known Member

    Errr yea thanks for that, I do realise that. I was by no means bigging my self up but compared to other stages that difference was a lot better. I then followed it up with the realisation that the smaller difference was because he had already done a stage.
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  5. AAAC 76C

    AAAC 76C Large Member


    I was out of context.

    Folk often say that of me at work.

    The same folk often say that the Customer is always right.
    Well rollocks I say, the Contract is always right and bending over to Customer 'requests' will only set a costly precedent unless you were charging too much in the first place.
    Especially when the Customer never invests in Warranty.
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  6. JJRobinson

    JJRobinson Well-Known Member

    Fair one lol...
    I have on several occasions pointed out that NC team are in a different league to me and that is why I posted about my recent effort - to make it clear the level I am at. I will give NC a good go if I have to but honestly would much prefer you all to be in good health and be able to do it yourselves and I will happily just spectate!

    Unfortunately though, if you need a reserve I am likely one of your best/worst options :wacko:
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  7. keithaitch

    keithaitch Über Member

    JJ I think you are mistaken, we're only 36 seconds behind @perswe who had one of his climbing blinders on thursday and well ahead a of @BILL S and me so you are obviously the natural replacement should @CXRAndy not recover which we all, no doubt you more than anybody, hope he does. If you do have to ride, you, more than the others, will be getting all of my support, there but for the participation of JJ go @BILL S or I !!
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  8. Whorty

    Whorty WADA conclude I don't need a TUE!

    SW Wiltshire
    I second that JJ - a great reserve, stepping up when your country needs you :okay:
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  9. JJRobinson

    JJRobinson Well-Known Member

    Ahhhhh, thanks for that, makes me feel a bit better! I thought I had challenged @peterob so from that point on thought it was him. Even so though, that was just one effort from me and he had already done another stage previously so pretty good going I would say @peterob
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  10. TurboTommy

    TurboTommy Veteran

    Camden, London
    You’re already very strong JJ and I have a feeling you’re only going to get stronger as time goes on bud. You made a very good case for getting in the team originally and we’re all really grateful you’ve stepped up to become 1st reserve :thumbsup:. It seems Andy’s participation is probably 50/50 at best so if I was you I’d prepare myself for the worst ^_^.

    Anything can happen on the day but from my own perspective I’m putting fun first and everything else second!
  11. peterob

    peterob Über Member

    I think I've only discussed it on the NC thread but I've been experiencing some issues with the turbo over the past week where it seems to be applying too much resistance whenever the road goes uphill and I loose a lot of speed/watts. That's what I'm pinning it on and not the possibility that I've lost my climbing legs! :laugh:. I'll be trying some things tomorrow to see if I can get it to work normally again (well 'normally' for BKool!)
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  12. peterob

    peterob Über Member

    If you were only 32 secs behind Per on that stage JJ then that was a great ride and shows that you're fully deserving to step into the NC team if needed. :okay:
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  13. AAAC 76C

    AAAC 76C Large Member

    Sitting in my favourite coffee shop sipping latte with a side of carrot cake.
    I won't be quite so relaxed this time next week!
  14. bridgy

    bridgy Guru

    Meanwhile Pep is doing 3 and a half hour / 150km training rides on bkool. I think I prefer the sound of your training regime!
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  15. bobinski

    bobinski Guru

    Tulse Hill
    You need to up your game boys:tongue:
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