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Apparently my brain is on travel still...I posted the following to the wrong thread, many thanks to Brusgaard for pointing out the error of my ways:

"Long time no see (chat) folks. Back in the Saddle again after a couple weeks of grueling weather (Snow, Rain, and Sneet) and ongoing home renovation projects for loved ones. Hope to soon see a regular schedule again and keep up with you all."
Anybody know what the big news coming from Bkool could be? I don't check their Facebook and am not sure about other social media stuff.



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Stage 2 done this morning, well under my normal.
could not get going at all and now really regretting not saving my first attempt.
i was 2kph+ down on @perswe so he goes into the final downhill over 2 minutes ahead.
As I can't ride live tomorrow i am unlikely to get into the league of the gravity team so pulling back 2 minutes will be almost impossible.
Well at least March is almost here.
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