The 2015 Half Century (50 km or 50 mile) A Month Challenge


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This thread is only for the logging of your qualifying ride each month.

It should eventually look like this one:

2014 Century Register

There is a Half Century A Month Chat thread specifically for posting comments, planned rides, bowing out excuses etc which will keep the main Register as neat and tidy as possible.

Please include the following info....Date of ride, distance of ride and a brief description of the route ridden.

The challenge is to ride 1 x 50+ km or mile ride per month during the calender year (Jan to Dec) to complete the challenge.

If for any reason you can't edit your post when adding a newly completed ride, Please PM Shaun and ask that he allow's you to edit your post.
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Perhaps This One.....
My first point today:hyper:

11th January 2015
Home - Egham-Virginia Water-Windsor-Staines-Laleham-Chertsey-Staines-Egham-Home. 31.52 miles (50.73km). Riding Time 2:12:44, Average Speed 14.2mph, Elevation Gain 535ft, Maximum Speed 24.6mph. Boardman CX. 1 point.

19th January 2015
Home-Englefield Green-Chobham-Horsell-Woking-Ottershaw-Foxhills-Lyne-Chertsey-Staines-Egham-Home. 33.9miles (55.56km). Riding Time 2:18:20, Average Speed 14.7mph, Elevation Gain 689ft, Maximum Speed 28mph. Boardman CX. 1 point.

25th January 2015
Home-Chertsey-Walton-Molesey-Bushy Park-Hampton-Lower Sunbury-Shepperton-Laleham-Staines-Egham-Stroud-Lyne-Chertsey-Home. 35.4 miles (56.9km). Riding Time 2:16:18, Average Speed 15.6mph, Elevation Gain 466ft, Maximum Speed 26.6mph. Trek 1.2. 1 point.

28th January 2015
Home-Lyne-Stonehill-Chobham-Sunningdale-Sunninghill-Windlesham-Virginia Water-Stroud-Egham-Thopre-Home. 32.7 miles (52.6km). Riding Time 2:21:38, Average Speed 13.9mph, Elevation Gain 1608ft, Maximum Speed 26.6mph. Trek 1.2. 1 point.

6th February 2015
Home-Chertsey-Weybridge-Walton-Molesey-Hampton-Kingston-Bushey Park-Lower Sunbury-Chertsey-Laleham-Staines-Home. 31.3 miles (50.4km). Riding Time 2:03:38, Average Speed 15.2mph, Elevation Gain 620ft, Maximum Speed 25.5mph. Trek 1.2. 1 point.

31st March 2015
Home-Virginia Water-Windsor Great Park laps-Englefield Green-Home. 31.8 miles (51.18km). Riding Time 2:35:51, Average Speed 12.3mph, Elevation Gain 1,217ft, Maximum Speed 26.8mph. Boardman CX. 1 point.

3rd April 2015
Home-Chertsey-Laleham-Staines-Runneymede-Old Windsor-Datchet-Windsor-Windsor Great Park-Sunningdale-Chobham-Virginia Water-Lyne-Home. 32.6 miles (52.5km). Riding Time 2:14:00, Average Speed 14.6mph, Elevation Gain 850ft, Maximum Speed 27.1mph. Trek 1.2. 1 point.

6th April 2015
Home-Chertsey-Chobham-Ascot-Windsor-Home. 35.4 miles (57km). Riding Time 2:21:58, Average Speed 15.0mph, Elevation Gain 906ft, Maximum Speed 28.9mph. Planet-X RT-58. 1 point.

9th April 2015
Home-Walton-Weybridge-Ottershaw-Lyne-Virginia Water-Home. 31.8 miles (51.2km). Riding Time 2:06:13, Average Speed 15.1mph, Elevation Gain 630ft, Maximum Speed 28.2mph. Planet-X RT-58. 1 point.

12th April 2015
Home-Chertsey-Walton-Hampton-Kingston-Teddington-Lower Sunbury-Laleham-Staines-Virginia WaterHome. 41.2 miles (66.3km). Riding Time 2:44:20, Average Speed 15.1mph, Elevation Gain 371ft, Maximum Speed 24.6mph. Planet-X RT-58. 1 point.

15th April 2015
Home-Windsor Great Park -Ascot-Sunninghill-Chobham-Virginia Water-Home. 50.6 miles (81.4km). Riding Time 3:58:04, Average Speed 12.8mph, Elevation Gain 1,614ft, Maximum Speed 26.4mph. Boardman CX. 1 point. My first ever 50 mile ride:hyper:

18th April 2015
Home-Staines-Wraysbury-Datchet-Eton-Windsor-Ascot-Sunningdale-Chobham-Home. 31.3 miles (50.4km). Riding Time 2:08:04, Average Speed 14.7mph, Elevation Gain 728ft, Maximum Speed 27.5mph. Planet-X RT-58. 1 point.

25th May 2015
Home-Chertsey-Shepperton-Walton-Hersham-Weybridge-Staines-Egham-Virginia Water-Home. 31.7 miles (51km). Riding Time 2:10:13, Average Speed 14.6mph, Elevation Gain 463ft, Maximum Speed 25.7mph. Planet-X RT-58. 1 point.

3rd June 2015
Home-Old Windsor-Datchet-Eton-Windsor-Old Windsor-Windsor Great Park-Virginia Water-Home. 31.9 miles (51.3km). Riding Time 2:11:42, Average Speed 14.5mph, Elevation Gain 807ft, Maximum Speed 29.3mph. Planet-X RT-58. 1 point.
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11th Jan 2015
46 miles, 27 of which were with The Chorlton Wanders, Chorlton Water Park to Wilmslow.
One point.

8th Feb 2015
51 miles, 25 of which were with The Chorlton Muddy Wanderers through Flixton, Irlam, Over Chat Moss, lunch at Higher Green and back on the canal through Boothstown, Worsley, Barton to Stretford.
Two points.

16th Feb 2015
32.8 miles up and down the East Lancs cycle path with diversions down sides roads and a little explore around Newton.
One point.

8th March 2015
50.5 miles
35 mile Wilmslow ride from Chorlton plus milage to and from home. Out through Stretford, Style, lunch stop in Adlington.
Two points

22nd March 2015
To Haydock and back along the East Lancs path including some extra loops to Newton le Willows, through Culcheth and Astley.
One point

6th April 2015
35 miles
To Haydock and back along the East Lancs cycle path, via Newton le Willows, Golborne Vale, Culcheth, Glazebury, Astley.
One point

12th April 2015
48 miles. To Chorlton Water Park to join the Chorlton Wanderers ride that should have been to Disley but ended up going to Mobberley via Wythenshawe, Hale Barns, Ashley, Tatton Park and Knutsford. Back to the water park via Style, Manchester Airport, Gatley and Northenden. Then home. Very windy this morning and wet this afternoon.
One point.

16th April 2015
32 miles.
To Haydock and back along the East Lancs cycle path, via Newton le Willows, Golborne Vale, Culcheth, Glazebury, Astley. Highest average speed of 13mph since last summer.
One point

26th April 2015
36 miles. To Haydock and back along the East Lancs cycle path with diversions and loops as previous rides. Sunny but cold wind. Average speed 11.5mph.
One point.

4th May 2015
36 miles. Route as 26th April. Sunny and windy, bit warmer. Average speed 13.1mph.
One point.

10th May 2015
51 miles. To Chorlton Water park to join the Chorlton Wanderers ride to Lymm via Wythenshawe, Timperley, Ashley, Rostherne, Bucklow Hill, High Legh. Back via Dunham Massey where I left the group. I headed for the Warburton Bridge intending to take the path on the A57 but I missed the cycle path and didn't like the main road so when I saw a turning for Glazebury I took it knowing that it would be a more enjoyable but longer ride. So this then took me home on my usual route on the East Lancs cycle path. At Astley, I added the loop through Higher Green to the railway line to make the miles up to an imperial half century.
Two points.

16th May 2015
33 miles. East Lancs path to Haydock plus loops. Average speed down to 11 in the wind.
One point.

10th June 2015
32 miles. Mostly on the Bridgewater Canal path between Astley and Sale.
One point.

1st July 2015
32 miles. East Lancs cycle path to Haydock and back with loops.
One point.

19th July 2015
46.2 miles. To Heaton Park to join a Skyride local. Manchester Wildlife and Wilderness, up over and down the hills of Oldham.
One point.

16th August 2015
42 miles. Skyride from Wythenshawe Park to The Anderton Boat Lift. Sky Ride local.
So, round Altrincham, through Ashley, through Tatton Park, Over Tabley, Heyrose, Great Budworth and cafe stop at The Anderton Boat Lift. Back via Dunham Massey, West Timperley, Sale, Northern Moor.
One point.

19th August 2015
47 miles. With the SOAPYs to Irlam, then over the Ship Canal on Warburton Bridge and round leafy Cheshire lanes for a light lunch in Great Budworth.
One point.

23rd August 2015
47 miles. Social ride with the Salford Cycling Club. Swinton, Walkden, Little Hulton, Tyldesley, Astley, Leigh, Culcheth, Glazebrook, Hollins Green, Warburton Bridge, Lymm, High Legh. Similar route back.
One point.

26th August 2015
40.8 miles. A different social ride to High Legh again, similar route.
One point.

6th September 2015
37miles. Route 55 to Bolton, got lost, missed the start of the Skyride, rode up lots of hills and over the moors, Belmont, Rivington, Horwich, Blackrod. Bombed back on the A6, Westhoughton, Little Hulton, Walkden.
One point.

13th September 2015
52.7 miles.
To Chorlton via Winton, Trafford Park, Stretford, then to Alderley Edge with the Chorlton Wanderers via Wythenshawe, Hale, Ashley, Wilmslow. Back to Chorlton via Style, Heald Green and Northernden
After leaving the Chorlton Wanderers, I decided to go home on the Bridgewater Canal after first exploring the River Mersey path from Chorlton Water Park.
Two points

27th September 2015
52.4 miles. Social ride with the Salford Cycling Group. On the A6, Swinton, Walkden, Little Hulton, Westhoughton. Then Lostock and north up and over the hills of Bolton, Belmont , Abbey Village, Wheelton, Chorley and Rivington for cafe stop. Back via Horich, Lostock and then A6 again , home.
Two points

4th October 2015
54.8 miles. Through Winton,Trafford Park to Stretford to meet up with the Manchester Cycle Group, then Ashton, Dunham, Warburton, Lymm, High Legh,cake stop at Tatton Park, Knutsford, Mobberley, Ashley, Altringham, Timperley, Sale, Stretford. Home via Trafford park again.
Two points

11th October 2015
47.6 miles. To Chorlton Water Park to join The Chorlton Wanderers, then Stretford via The Mersey Trail, Urmston, Flixton, crossed The Ship Canal by Irlam Locks, then along the A57 path for a while, Glazebrook, lunch stop at Culcheth, Croft, Risley, Gorse Covert, Hollins Green, back on the A57, then back over The Ship Canal by Warburton Bridge, onto The Trans-Penine Way at Lymn to Sale, onto The Bridgewater Canal path all the way home, leaving the Wanderers at Sale.
One point.

18th October 2015
First Metric Century!!

70.5 miles.To The Velodrome via route 55,Eccles Old Rd,Salford Crescent into Manchester, out via Piccadilly and onto The Ashton canal. Then from The Velodrome to Hollingworth Lake with The Manchester Cycle Club, leaving Manchester through Moston, Middleton, Royton and Newhey. Then at Milnrow we headed round towards Smallbridge before heading to the lake via Littleborough. After the cafe stop we took a slightly shorter route back to The Velodrome. I took a more northern route out of Manchester and west through Broughton to get back onto the A6, then north again heading for the reverse of my route to Prestwich and back via Whitefield, Ringley, Kearsley, Farmworth, Little Hulton Mosley Common, Ellenbrook, Walkden.
Three points.

18th October 2015
First solo fifty. 52.3 miles. Rainy start, lots of head winds. Then lovely warm sunshine and autumn colours. To visit a friend at the National Trust garden,Hare Hill near Poynton. Eccles, on the Cadishead Way to Irlam and over The Ship Canal via Warburton Bridge, Dunham, Ashley, Mobberley and Alderley Edge. This used a lot of Route 70 which was very quiet and scenic.
Home on a slightly shorter route on more main roads. Alderley Edge, Morley Green, Timperley, Sale, Stretford, Patricroft, Winton, home. Although I got on the Bridgewater Canal path at Timperley, I came off at the Trafford Centre exit because it was so dark.
Two points.

1st November 2015
38.2 miles. To Bolton to join a HILLY Skyride. My greatest elevation score for one ride of 2685 feet. Ended on a puncture. Misty start, then blue skies, then misty again.So still! Beautiful scenery. So, north out of Bolton, then Smithills, Horrocks Fold, Dunscar, Bromley Cross, Turton for first of two coffee and cake stops, We skirted Edgworth and Entwistle, before turning towards Belmont and Rivington for our second coffee and cake stop. Back to Bolton via Horwich, Chorley and Barrow Bridge. The ride leader rewarded us at the top of some of the longer climbs with Jelly Babies - perfect.I would have ridden home from Bolton but unfortunately my spare tube had a faulty valve and no one else had one that fitted, so I was given a lift home.
One point.

8th November 2015
51.5 miles. To Chorlton to join The Chorlton Wanderers for their monthly social ride. Wet start and a drenching at the finish but dry around the lovely Cheshire lanes. Baguley, Timperley, Hale, Ashley, Mobberley, Marthall, lunch at Chelford. Back to Chorlton through Alderley Edge and Wilmslow, Handforth, Heald Green , Gatley and Northenden. Then home in the dark and wet, with an added quick loop along a newly refurbished part of The East Lancs Rd cycle path to round up the miles!
Two points.

22nd November 2015
43.3 miles. Salford Cycling Club social ride to Lymm.Swinton, Worsley, Boothstown, Astley, Leigh, over the East Lancs Rd and past Bents, Culcheth, Glazebrook, then on the A57 all the way to Warrington to cross The Manchester Ship Canal at Latchford, then cafe stop in Lymm which turned out to be a barge on the Bridgewater Canal, returned over the ship canal at Warburton, then stayed on the A57 Cadishead Way all the way to Patricroft, Monton and home via the loopline.
One point.
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13 rider

Hi I will give it a go ,the centuries are a bit out of my range as I have only been riding for 4 months .Both half centuries may be within my abilities .One question if I do a 50 mile ride can you register for both or do they have to be separate rides?
Anyway 47 miles done today so one half metric century claimed
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mark c

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17th January
I,m in and the first just completed 55kms Bridgwater -Taunton-Shepton Beauchamp-Burrow Bridge-Bridgwater.
18th January
2nd 52km of the weekend Bridgwater-Mark-Wedmoor-Shapwick-and home.
25th January
3rd 75 kms home-Langport-Somerton-Charlton Mackerel-Street-Glastonbury and home.
1st Febuary
4th Bridgwater to Yeovil 53 kms.
14th Bridgwater - Pines Cafe- North Petherton-Burrow Bridge Home. 52 kms.
15th Bridgwater-Wookey Hole-East Horrington-Glastonbury-Home 81 kms.
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Last Sundays ride was just over 80km so I think I will claim that as my first of the year. As 80 km is 49.7 miles does is count for an imperial?

Jon George

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Suffolk an' Good
18th January 2015
Ipswich - Coddenham - Crowfield - Pettaugh - Earl Soham - Crettingham - Otley - Culpho - Tuddenham St Martin - Ipswich
57.26km (35.58 miles)
Pictures Here
I point

22nd January 2015
Ipswich - Westerfield - Swilland - Gibraltar (no, I didn't jump on a plane for an ad hoc detour) - Otley - Cretingham - Brandeston - Kettleburgh - Easton - Wickham Market - Ufford - Woodbridge - Ipswich
53.88km (33.48 miles)
Pictures On This Page
1 point

25th January 2015
Ipswich - Foxhall - Buklesham - Brightwell - Newburne - Kirton - Falkenham - The Trinleys - Felixstowe - The Trinleys - Bucklsham - Ipswich
50.98km (31.68 miles)
Pictures Here
1 point

27th January 2015
Ipswich - Chelmondiston - Shotley - Erwarton - Holbrook - Brantham - East Bergolt - Raydon - Hadliegh - Elmsett - Flowton - Somersham - Claydon - Westerfiled - Ipswich
50.32 miles
A pic Here
2 points

29th January 2015
Ipswich - Westerfield - Henley - Barham - Claydon - Somersham - Ofton - Whatfild - Aldham - Burstal - Ipswich - Sproughton - Ipswich
52.82km (32.82 miles)
A pic Here
1 Point

3rd February 2015
Ipswich - Tuddenham St Martin - Clopton - Debach - Charsfield - Letheringham - Easton - Wicham Market - Campsea Ashe - Eyke - Melton - Woodbridge - Ipswich
55.57km (34.59 miles)
Pics Here
1 Point.

5th February 2015
Ipswich - Foxhall - Bucklesham - Brightwell - Waldringfield - Newbourne - Kirton - The Trimleys - Felixstowe - The Trimleys - Kirton - Bucklesham - Foxhall - Ipswich
53.16km (33.03 miles)
Pic Here
1 Point

6th February 2015
Ipswich - Woodbridge - Melton - Eyke - Campsea Ashe - Wickham Market - Easton - Letheringham - Charsfield - Debach - Clopton - Tuddenham St Martin - Ipswich
55.25km (34.33 miles)
Pic Here
1 Point

13th February 2015
Ipswich - Foxhall - Bucklesham - Brightwell - Waldringfield - Newbourne - Kirton - The Trimleys - Felixstowe - The Trimleys - Kirton - Bucklesham - Foxhall - Ipswich
53.01km (32.94 miles)
Pic Here
1 Point

Running Total
10 Points
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NCE West Wales
19th January
54.3 km (33.8 miles)
Riding time of 2 hrs 24mins
Elevation gain of 3,531 ft
Average speed of 14mph
Top speed of 44.7mph
Started off in Llandysul and headed over the Llanllwni mountains and then forked off towards Brechfa where the icy roads kept us alert.
Nice gentle ride which I'll do again in the very near future
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