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Definitely in this challenge again for 2019, as I’m currently on a 57 month streak of doing at least a half century ride a month and don’t want to break it.

Which is more impressive considering that the challenge itself I believe has only been going for 4 years, and I’ve only been a Cyclechat member for 35 of those months (and therefore previously unaware of said challenge). Turns out I was doing it without actually knowing about it!
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13 rider

So @steverob post got me thinking, having been in the challenge from the start 48 months completed ,have I done half a century of half centuries in a row ? The answer is probably , I started cycling in Sept 2014 and fairly soon got to 50km distance but I didn't keep records back then and didn't run Strava so cant prove it . Therefore I won't count it so hopefully Feburarys ride will get me to the landmark .

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Appreciate the effort that goes into organising this and loved taking part. Like many of you I have a ride that I do if either the weather or the body is not up to strength; it happens to be 44 kms. This year I've turned about 90% of these rides into qualifying rides! A great incentive to get a few extra kilometres in and up one's annual distance.
So, yes, I'm in for 2019. And a happy new year to all of you.


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I'll be doing it again. My standard rides round here tend to be 25-35 km so this is a good way of getting me to lengthen some of them, and it works. Sometimes I actually set out to do 50+ km. Other times I might be doing just (say) my 33 km loop but if the weather is ok and I am enjoying the ride I often decide to add on the extra distance somewhere.
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Count me in. Fantastic motivation.
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