The 2019 Half Century a month Challenge chatzone

Discussion in 'CycleChat Monthly Challenges' started by 13 rider, 19 Dec 2018.

  1. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Roll up roll up its back by popular demand Challenge thread will soon to be created
    I will again be acting as thread monitor to keep on eye on you all and track progress
  2. steverob

    steverob Über Member

    Definitely in this challenge again for 2019, as I’m currently on a 57 month streak of doing at least a half century ride a month and don’t want to break it.

    Which is more impressive considering that the challenge itself I believe has only been going for 4 years, and I’ve only been a Cyclechat member for 35 of those months (and therefore previously unaware of said challenge). Turns out I was doing it without actually knowing about it!
  3. OP
    13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    So @steverob post got me thinking, having been in the challenge from the start 48 months completed ,have I done half a century of half centuries in a row ? The answer is probably , I started cycling in Sept 2014 and fairly soon got to 50km distance but I didn't keep records back then and didn't run Strava so cant prove it . Therefore I won't count it so hopefully Feburarys ride will get me to the landmark .
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  4. Domus

    Domus Über Member

    Sunny Radcliffe
    Me, me, me.
    First one booked for Jan1
  5. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

  6. dickyknees

    dickyknees Veteran

    Thanks for doing that @13 rider. I’ll try again for my third year in succession.
  7. slow scot

    slow scot Senior Member

    Appreciate the effort that goes into organising this and loved taking part. Like many of you I have a ride that I do if either the weather or the body is not up to strength; it happens to be 44 kms. This year I've turned about 90% of these rides into qualifying rides! A great incentive to get a few extra kilometres in and up one's annual distance.
    So, yes, I'm in for 2019. And a happy new year to all of you.
  8. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I'll be doing it again. My standard rides round here tend to be 25-35 km so this is a good way of getting me to lengthen some of them, and it works. Sometimes I actually set out to do 50+ km. Other times I might be doing just (say) my 33 km loop but if the weather is ok and I am enjoying the ride I often decide to add on the extra distance somewhere.
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  9. Osprey

    Osprey Über Member

    Count me in. Fantastic motivation.
  10. Bazzer

    Bazzer Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

    I'm in too.
  11. I'm in it again, once the foot heals, and the weather gets a little better. So I may have to double up a couple of months.
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  12. Spinney

    Spinney Bimbleur extraordinaire

    Under the Edge
    I'm in. Hopefully I'll do better next year than this!
  13. Banjo

    Banjo Fuelled with Jelly Babies

    South Wales
    I'm in for 2019 metric 50km challenge .Standby for detailed breakfast cafe reports
  14. Jon George

    Jon George Mamil and couldn't care less

    Suffolk an' Good
    My occasional riding pal Jay has asked that I partake once more in this, as he likes getting out and about - as this picture from the summer hopefully shows. (I'm looking into getting him a bike. :whistle:)

    19.6.18 Bucklesham.jpg
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  15. OP
    13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Hi @Gravity Aided are you aware to qualify for a bronze star you need to do 1 50km ride each month Jan to Feb ?. Nothing to stop you joining anytime for motivation but you won't get a star just wanted to clarify that
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