The 2020 Half century (50km or 50m) a month Chatzone


Ah well, here we go again. :laugh:

Rob and Alison

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Caistor, Lincs
Thanks @13rider We're in again too, along with Stig.


Down under
I'm first, but I do have a slight advantage of being 10 hours ahead of the UK.
Discovered that there is a cycle track running all the way between Port Fairy and Warrnambool and it passes about 400m from where we are camping. The logical route was to head to warrnambool first because its further away, but that meant going with the wind on the way out. It was very hard work coming back against the wind! Almost returned back to the camp early though. Only 76km on the clock so had to add a little extra to make it up to 50 miles. Wouldn't want a distance warning this early on in the challenge.
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