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I just wanted to be the brave one here and be the first to admit that I am a woman who loves to mtb. What other women are out there??? :blush:


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West Sussex
A confession

Yep, I'm a woman and I cycle too.

It's scary, do blokes get things said to them from cars a passing?

Does my bum look big on this? You betcha, it's twice the size on one of those!

Wouldn't it be good to have a girlie cycle group (near me)!



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This may not get read but I'll write anyway!

I'm into xc and am just starting road cycling. I know what you mean I would love a girly group, if theirs anyone who lives in or near North Yorkshire and into xc or road, give me an

Look forward to hearing from you.
BigTallFatBloke..... get out of here you great big perv.....

Oh... what .....sorry just leaving :blush: , you girls have a nice time


PS running world used to have a group called running sisters, why not post a message with them there are bound to be some cyclists amongst them.


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I'm a girlie (ish), into road stuff in an audax/long pootle/short pootle/day rides with cake and beer kind of way.

After loving cycling as a teenager I had about 15 years off before getting back into the swing of things....and very glad I did :rolleyes:

Currently have a tourer (Betty) and an audax bike (Poppy) and a part share in a tandem which is too big for Chuffy, my captain :blush:

Offroad stuff makes me whimper with fear!


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Ravenbait said:
I ride fixed.



Not off-road though, surely... :rolleyes:

That would be mental.


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I'm a girlie and I ride DH MTB. Have been for a few years now and it's the best way to spend all of my time!


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I'm just a train using commuting cyclist - Brompton most of the time but when the weather is particularly favourable a 10 year old Spesh Rockhopper (without the trains).
Mrs B has asked me to say on her behalf that she really enjoys the cycling we do together on the mountain bikes we bought in spring. She has also mastered her 'racer' in the last couple of months and feels as confident on it as she does on the mountain bike.

I'm so pleased for her I could burst!

Great that this forum has a space dedicated to women - now I've just got to talk her into registering so I don't have to speak for her!



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Me! Though I haven't been able to work out what sort of MTB-ing it is, XC or DH (or something else I don't know about).
It's mostly through woods/forests/parks, and it's on an off-the-rack hardtail (Trek 6500 disc).

I love it, though. I either fall off or almost fall off with terrifying near-misses and skids on every ride, very exciting.. and I also love getting good n' muddy. I'd do it more if I had the time, and more riding buddies, as it is, I only manage a ride every fortnight or so at best, and usually on me tod :blush:


dub-no-bass said:
...usually on me tod :?:
DnB, I'm not sure that you're after specifically female riding company, but if you are you might like to try contacting this club:

Oscar Bravo CC - London all-women cycling club - Oscar Bravo CC is a London-based all-women club celebrating its 10th birthday in 2005. We ride mainly around Bucks, Surrey, Essex and Sussex, both on and off-road, and have a racing arm (eg, Wight Max, WCRA series), also weekend and week-long riding trips. Members are also involved with the Redland Trails building projects in the North Downs/Surrey Hills. All women in the London and Southeast are welcome to join. Ring membership secretary Katie Burgess on 0207 249 3263.


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I'm a girl and I cycle too!! I'm not very good and I'm definitely not very fast but I'm very enthusiastic!!!! I don't really like segregating the sexes but do think it's nice to have a gal spot!!!! Looking forward to using the site!!
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