The CC Trig Point bagger thread, now incorporating other interesting geographs

Pontefract Road

Benchmark is on the other side of the bridge, but at 'my side of the road'
The Station was up the access-track (as it is now) immediately to my right

North Eastern Railway, in the early 1900s

Old Ferrybridge School, to the left, in the Geograph picture


Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
A few finds on this mornings pedal.


A George V1 postbox.


A very big Mile Post.


And a different utility plaque. All three in Desborough.


And, in Braybrooke, a plaque on the bridge over the River Jordan (no, it isn't deep and wide at this point!)

Newmarket House
(old CastleGate Lane)
Stanley (as it still is, at this location, Leeds border follows the M62 along here)
Very much a back-water, & probably a forgotten 'BM'?

This was a farm, then I remember it as a restaurant, offices
Now there's a Mews to the rear (converted, & extended out-buildings)

Junction 30/M62 is less than 300 yards away (behind me, in the central photo)


It's on the top of the rise to the right;
Road, rose to span the railway here;

Pre-dual-carriagewaying of Aberford Road (A642) the central picture was Aberford Road, as it rose to bridge a railway (East & West Yorkshire Union Railway)
It can be seen in this link, use the blue-slider to go to modern aerial photography;
(old kerbstones are still visible in the undergrowth, as the pavement is now a footpath (centre photo)

And, a 1960s(?) image of the area, looking northwards from Stanley, towards the location of jct 30
Railway bridge, in the immediate foreground, & the forthcoming M62 being levelled out, in the mid-distance

Scroll down to; Robin Hood to Patrick Green & River Calder (Colliery line)
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