The CC Trig Point bagger thread, now incorporating other interesting geographs

John O'Gaunts
('top end' of) Rothwell

Along the A639 Pontefract Road, which becomes Leeds Road (& crosses jct 44/M1)


They're all along the red scroll-work

The 'East & West Yorkshire Union Railway' went under Pontefract Road here, to service Rothwell Haigh (aka Fanny Pit) Colliery, via a spur

Scroll down to Rose Pit, for the topic photograph

(Rose & Fanny/Francesca being the daughter of one of the owners)
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Bobby Mhor

Wasn't born to follow
Three from t'other day.
My intended route road was closed so a divert and three more marks
nr Bishopton
NS 4138 7077 nr Bishopton, Post.jpg
NS 4212 7153 Bishopton Cemetery, Wall.jpg
NS 4104 7066 nr Bishopton, Wall.jpg

Bobby Mhor

Wasn't born to follow
What stone is the first pic carved in to?
Looks a bit lumpy!
I haven't a clue but I'm sure it isn't local stone..
Most local stone is igneous or occasional sandstone..
there is a few of these stone 'post' types around the area, I assume a contractor must have been built them (see example, not the actual one), I'll swing by at some point and have a closer look, I know of three with marks but this is the only one which I can see one on..a good excuse to go check the others

Any geologists out there?
St Austins
Wentworth Terrace

Also, a blue plaque;

Awkward to photograph due to foliage & traffic
BM on the wall behind my bike

It almost takes up the entire length of the street!
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