The cold


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First for me. Bad head cold which moved onto my chest and I'm now on antibiotics.
I did get out yesterday and did 17.5 miles but am wiped out and haven't planned to be out again until Tuesday.


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I am wary of driving the cold further into my lungs if I go for a spin, that happened before and it was not pleasant.


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Same here. I have only cycled 17 miles in the last 6 weeks. I had pneumonia when I was 14 and have always been wary of venturing out in a cold wind. I always end up with a niggly cough if I get cold air on my lungs. I had a cold, cough and chest infection. I'm hoping to do a steady 30 miles tomorrow. need to build up for the Chester & North Wales annual 100 miler on 28th June.

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Mrs R is so hard, she only gets man flu.
Seems we have something in common as I only ever get man flu from Mrs 26. I'm always amazed at how fast she recovers (and I don't).
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