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The Cookson Chronicles - His actions as UCI president thus far

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by Crackle, 13 Oct 2013.

  1. Marmion

    Marmion Guru

    I had a beard before he got elected. I had one before Brad too.

    I shaved it off today. For the umpteenth time, so will probably grow it back again since I'm a lazy nobber
  2. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    Let's hope previous UCI pressies weren't also copying you....
  3. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    Progress of a sorts but no real attempt to sort out the calendar as is. In fact it looks set to become more complicated. Also no mention of the alternative funding revenues teams wanted. With the exception of the new anti-doping compliance, it seems like a rather large fudge with added gloss.
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  4. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    I think that the UCI will have had to negotiate with a good deal of vested interests here and the present result is not the desired end result. It should probably be seen as a single step on a long journey or, as the phrase goes, a marginal gain....
  5. HF2300

    HF2300 Insanity Prawn Boy

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  6. Marmion

    Marmion Guru

  7. ColinJ

    ColinJ Slow Hill Climber/Lift avoider!

  8. Marmion

    Marmion Guru

    Hold on....

    So is Cookson saying there was an agreement but since Hein did not keep his part of it then Cookson has decided that it's a null contract? Even bigger Jeezo.
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  9. ColinJ

    ColinJ Slow Hill Climber/Lift avoider!

    You couldn't make it up ...

    Well, actually you could but nobody would believe you! :okay:
  10. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

  11. Bollo

    Bollo My left stroke just went viral

    29 large! Blatter wouldn't wipe his bum with that amount. Hein is so low-rent.
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  12. resal

    resal Senior Member

    lh4ch.jpg Sepp was unshaven and very shaky last night as the lead story on BBC news. Why would anyone want to get near him in the last few years ? The governance of FIFA has been rotten beyond recovery with Sepp at the helm for over a decade.

    "I will make the UCI more transparent and open in the way it conducts business, and I will lead by example. Anyone that has worked with me knows my collegiate and open approach and it is this style of governance and decision making that I want to embed in the UCI. " Brian Cookson Manifesto on openness and transparency.

    That statement from Brian yesterday was a bit of a revelation - a double whammy for Brian and he has been taking a good bit of stick for it on twitter. Shocking quality of judgement going for a secret meeting with the IOC and Hein.
    Then agreeing a pact of silence over having to pay Hein £40k. That interview in the Aussie magazine where he just dodges the questions that are asked quite directly and openly, is appalling. Exactly what we would expect every UCI President to behave like, Hein, Pat Brain - all the same. No sign of openness and transparency there !

    And what did Brian have to say on governance ?
    "I also believe it is critical that there is a clear separation between governance and management at the UCI. I will not be a de facto Chief Executive Officer as has been the case under previous Presidents. Under my presidency, the Management Committee will operate like a modern Board of Directors, setting overall strategy for the UCI, with the senior UCI management team tasked with implementing that strategy"
    So who agreed the £40k payment to Hein ? According to Brian in the manifesto that Brian set up, Brian would not have the authority to execute the decision, that responsibility lies with Gibb ! - What went on - the Chief Exec was there under the table and tapped Brian on the shoe ? Is that how it worked ? Brian took him in and out of the meeting in a suitcase ?

    "I believe that in my in career in cycling I have personally demonstrated the leadership qualities to do just that. Restoring trust and leading change are the first steps to take."
    Nope - I am not buying that.
    Only an imbecile would have his photo taken with Sepp. Lack of leadership. Error of judgement.
    Only an imbecile would agree to a secret meeting with Hein and the IOC and then agree to a gagging clause on the outcome. Lack of leadership. Error of judgement. What the heck has it got to do with the IOC anyway. Shape up Brian stand up straight, get that backbone in a line. Call Hein in for a meeting with whoever he wants and tell him "no".

    And then why would the president trash his totally correct management model and act as de-facto CEO and agree to give the membership's money to Hein in a disgusting, dirty, little deal ? Do you remember Pat was an IOC member and part of the deal was that as he lost the UCI presidency, the IOC also withdrew his membership. Brian will be wanting the same little perks - an IOC member. He can't get that unless he plays the dodgy, dirty little IOC games. What are a few manifesto pledges when an IOC membership is at stake ?

    Two years in and Marmion I am completely with your verdict. Cookson is not the agent for change we needed.
  13. oldroadman

    oldroadman Veteran

    In amongst all this "Cookson is not the right person" stuff, who does anyone suggest would do a better job? He may have made some mistakes, but I am mindful of the old adage that a man who never made a mistake never tried to do anything. The picture above says a lot more about Blatter looking for a cheap publicity shot - he's just presenting a pennant to another international body president - than Brian Cookson's probity. It may have been a mistake, but see second sentence. Everyone seemed to be pleased to see the end of the HV/PM era, now they turn on the bloke who is trying to sort it all out. How short memories are. The Americans are even worse than the Brits at this, something I would not have thought possible!
  14. Marmion

    Marmion Guru

    The absence of someone who would be "better" does not mean that Cookson is the right person for the job. A bit like asking "who would be better than Blatter?...Platini perhaps?"
  15. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

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