The dreaded creak - pedals, chainring bolt, crank?

Well, when I say creak, that doesn't quite do it justice. I've got a noticeable sensation of play in the cranks/pedals under heavy load, once per crank revolution, if I had to say at about 5 and 7 o'clock (viewed from driveside). Not so drastic as chain slipping, but unpleasant, and the sensation is definitely from the crank/pedal area.

I've installed a new BB and regreased and refitted to the correct torque just about everything on the bike. Relevant parts are:

- shimano A520 pedals (single-sided 2-bolt SPDs)
- SRAM rival 1 GXP crankset on threaded BB (I'll note the driveside arm is connected to the spider with a spline and torx bolts).

Everything seems tight on a workstand and I've not got a turbo trainer or spare pedals. I have a hill moderately nearby.

The only component that shows signs of wear, excluding SPD cleats, is the nondriveside arm (pic below), which I'm hoping it isn't as I can't imagine getting a replacement is easy. I wouldn't put a huge amount of confidence in the chainring bolts either, but they look fine externally.


Try loctite on the splines?
Change pedal tension?
New chainring bolts?
Or just dance a merry jig and pray to whatever deity seems appropriate?


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Have you serviced the pedals?
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