1. Outlaw Hobbs

    SRAM Force 22 crank arms or complete crankset 165mm

    Does anyone have, or know of, a set of SRAM Force 22 crank arms 165mm and 130 BCD for sale. I have a set of 172.5 mm which I'd be happy to swap. This is a very long shot I know! They seem hard to find even brand new. For my TT bike, to improve comfort, cadence and aero ^_^.
  2. 8mph

    shimano Deore LX FC-M572 crankset 44/32/22 teeth 175mm octalink hollow mtb

    In your opinion, is it worth persevering with one of these? It's time for a new BB.
  3. W

    Crankset Removal Tips

    So my 5(?) year old £20 eBay chainset is finally being replaced. Non-driveside crank came off fine, but the drives side just will not budge. the threads are made of cheese, and I might have gone in a little hard. I've tried the hitting it with things, and I've also tried the riding it with the...
  4. M

    Strange noise when turning pedals on new bike

    Hi all, After recently indexing the gears on a new bike (not yet written), I’ve come back to it tonight to check everything over and there’s a noise I’ve not noticed before. Any ideas? Wondering if the chain needs lube or it’s the bottom bracket, obviously more worrying. Video below, try...
  5. CXRAndy

    Genesis Day One Crankset recall

    If you have a Day One, check the crank-set for these markings. Genesis are offering to replace FOC - probably due to poor quality reliability You might receive a similar letter from your supplier See attached PDF
  6. Paulus

    Campagnolo square taper double crankset. Now Sold.

    Brev Campagnolo 52/42 chain rings, 170 mill cranks, Campag. Crank bolts and screw in dust caps. £35 including postage to the uk mainland.
  7. Paulus

    Raleigh crankset.52/42.

    52/42 170 cranks. With teeth guard. C.1980 £20. Plus £5 postage.
  8. winjim

    Truvativ crankset. Made of cheese?

    Riding the new bike the other day, blatted it over some speed humps and next thing I know the pedal's hanging off at a funny angle. The whole thing's come out and stripped the thread on the crankarm. So I had to ride a heavy cargo bike with a four year old on the back home up a pretty steep...
  9. EasyPeez

    Trouble removing pedals and crankset

    It's my first attempt and I suspect I'm doing this all wrong...been trying and failing to get these off using the 6mm hex key on my multitool. It's not having it at all so I was thinking I'd get a longer hex for more leverage but am I even doing it right? Should I be trying to use a spanner on...
  10. gareth01244

    Wanted campagnolo power torque crankset puller

    Anyone have a crank puller for campagnolo power torque cranks, doesn't have to be a campy one as several companies have made them. Thanks
  11. EasyPeez

    Is this crankset any good?

    I've never heard of TA Zephyr chainrings. Are they decent? Unsure whether this a kind of upgrade from a standard 105 crankset or a step down? Value for money...
  12. Cyrill666

    Voodoo Bizango 2016, correct crankset?

    Hi, I need to replace the outer chainring on a voodoo bizango (2016), I suspect this means replacing the entire crankset. The current crankset is a Suntour XCM 36/22, it has various numbers stamped on it but I can't seem to find a definite match online. The closest I've found is this - but...
  13. Chandrider

    Flat Handle bar Shifters for Ultegra 10 speed crankset

    Hi... I have Road bike with Ultegra 10 Speed crack set and drop bar working perfectly... However due to physical limitations, I want to change to Flat handle bar without giving up carbon frame advantage and rest of the parts.. Challenge would be to locate exact shifters for flat bar that will...
  14. onb

    Shimano Durace Crankset

    Great condition there is a little bit of wear to the decals .175 cranklength 53/ 39 £95.00 posted or collect from Settle for £90.00 Payment by paypal as gift please .
  15. nickAKA

    L/S 105 5800 (Stages) crank on a Tiagra 4600 crankset?

    Ignoring the obvious weight & colour discrepancies, should this fit? Is it the same pinch bolt fitting/star pattern stud across the Shimano range? Thank you kindly!
  16. S

    Anyone selling a Shimano triple crankset please?

    Having ridden my triple for the first time in ages - I'd forgotten how good it is to have a broad range of gears. I'm looking for a cheap triple for the winter project, what have you got please?
  17. glasgowcyclist

    Crankset advice needed please

    I am rebuilding my old Trek 850 to resume commuting with it. When I stripped it down, I gave away the old Deore FC-M510 crankset and now need to find a suitable replacement. Since it appears that this particular item has long since been discontinued, I need advice on what I can get to fit in...
  18. Twizit

    Ultegra Crankset with BB FC6601 - 172.5mm 53/39t

    As above and pictured. Crank arms have been used separately on a single speed bike hence the wear marks. Chainrings have had very little use having been taken off and replaced with a compact very early on geared bike. £50 + PP ono.
  19. P

    Shimano dura ace 7900 crankset

    Trying to source on of these, rare as hens teeth and mighty expensive for what is out there. Anyone know any retailers that might have one at a decent price? Has to be 53/39, 172.5
  20. Rooster1

    SORTED THANKS: Wanted: 9 speed Shimano crankset, double or triple, hollowtech

    Hi In need of a second hand 9 speed Shimano crankset, double or triple, hollowtech for the winter ride. Compact or standard Anything with some life in it. Anything Shimano branded. Ebay has a few on this week again but they all seem to go over the £40 - £50 mark Not wanting to spend quite...
  21. Kernow_T

    **SSTP** <10miles use: 105 5800 Crankset/BB 165mm 50/34 - £70 posted

    Less than 10 (TEN) miles' use and comes with BB that was new with cranks Selling for pal who had bike fit one day and told they needed two new hips (so no cycling) the next.
  22. jowwy

    ****sold****Sram force crankset

    Sram force carbon crankset 172.5mm arms 42t narrow wide xsync chainring 38t narrow wide xsync chainring (brand new) Fits gxp bottom bracket Done about 100miles max and are in excellent condition £125.00 plus £5 postage and packing Paypal gift please
  23. chriscross1966

    Red Alloy crank end bolt for Shimano Alfine FC-S500 crankset

    My google-fu has deserted me... I'm looking for a crank end bolt for a Shimano Alfine FC-S500 crank. It ISN'T the same as most of the other HT2 cranks which take an M20 end bolt, it's smaller than that... I'm after one in red alloy to match some other red alloy highlights on the bike, which, as...
  24. M

    Crankset or new bb for Octalink 9 speed

    Currently: Bottom bracket : Shimano BB-ES50 68E BC1.37x24, L-R 113 Crankset: Shimano Alivio M430/M431 44/32/22 Struggling to find a replacement crankset. Closest I can find is :Shimano Acera FC-M3000 Octalink chainset, 40/30/22 This is "compatible with 118mm Octalink BB". Would this work if...
  25. jowwy

    Shimano zee crankset ***sold***

    Crankset has been used once and come complete with 36t chainring (unused) But no chainring bolts £50 posted via paypal gift
  26. chriscross1966

    Will swap my Campy Ultratorque Mirage Compact crankset for similar Campy taper compact crank

    *** Now found a taper crank, Mirage still available if you're interested** I've got an Ultratorque (not the Powertorque) Mirage crankset complete with decent bearings, bracket cups and fittings plus a pair of decent chainrings (can't remember if they're Campy, Stronglight or TA, but ho hum...
  27. DCLane

    Shimano Altus FC-CT91 triple 24/32/38 crankset 170mm - £15

    Little used this came off my 1996 Raleigh Pioneer which appeared to have gone up and down the road a couple of times before then being unused until I bought it in 2016. One ride and the crankset was switched for a much larger item. So this is a retro Shimano Hyperdrive Altus crankset, model...
  28. Rooster1

    Left Side Crankset

    Probably seen this before but took me a while to calibrate in my brain the use of a left hand crank for the US team at last weekend champs in the Womens Team Pursuit.
  29. ItFellOnDeafEars

    Can 11 speed crankset work with 10 speed set up?

    Long story short - removed pedal & busted the thread on my left crank arm so now in market for replacement. Brand new one is €40 ish - I'd rather get a used one for much cheaper so will check ebay tonight. However if going new is the route I'd have to take, I'd rather buy a whole new crankset...
  30. kiwifruit

    Silver or Black 5800 Chainset?

    What do you people like silver or black? Am looking for a new crankset for my Canyon, at the moment I got the black and done about 7500 miles. I like the black and it cost about £90 and I can get a silver ones at £62 both 50/34. So what would you buy?
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