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Leeds United have been fined £200 for breaking lockdown protocols for making a pointless journey to Crawley today.

Leeds United have called for an immediate replay against Crawley Town because one of their plumbers in midfield isn't Corgi registered....

Take your pick, there'll be no shortage of them.

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Five-nil to Spurs. Well played, Marine!
I've got a soft spot for Marine. The Boxing Day entertainment as a youth was frequently Stalybridge Celtic Vs Marine. No idea who won but we always had great fun in the pub before the game laughing at the men in their new Xmas jumpers.
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Another straw onto Neil Lennon's back today :laugh:. Celtic 0, Livingston 0.
As a non fan of either side of the Glasgow "Old Firm", I welcome someone other than Celtic winning the SPL.. This new mob that have come up from the lower leagues in just 8 years :tongue: look good for taking the title this year, thereby preventing the historic "10 in a row" title wins that Celtic craved so much. For the sake of sanity in Scottish football, and the overspill into society, I can only pray that Celtic don't manage to pull a rabbit out the hat in the remaining part of the season. Their only chance is Covid19 somehow stopping the season and having it declared null and void; cannot see that being allowed to happen now, given the enormous lead Rangers have in the SPL..

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I wonder if he's trying to get football in Scotland stopped? He says other clubs are breaking the rules repeatedly when they're going in buses to matches and he's accused Hamilton and St Johnstone of squeezing them into tiny dressing rooms. St J have pointed out that Celtic were given four separate dressing rooms to ensure social distancing.

Would keep 10 In A Row going right enough.


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He's done a good job of deflecting away from poor performances and results, but I reckon he's talked himself out of a job there.

I don't really understand how they can be so, so poor.


I think Neil Lennon having a good go at Andy Walker is one of the few things he's got right recently.
Walker an ex Celtic player makes a good living out of sniping constantly about everything they do. He's been at it for years and should have been dug up for it long ago.
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