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Just don’t expect Arsenal to do anyone else a favour :rolleyes:


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Villa struggled without Jack Grealish, especially in the first half. This was yet another opportunity for Ross Barkley to step up and show everyone his talent, instead, yet again he was a passenger, it's time to bench him and allow Sanson or the young Jacob Ramsey a start. I just hope Smith sees the light and does not sign him at the end of the season.

I will be happy with a top ten finish, but for us to hold on to Grealish we need to start buying in some real quality come the summer.

The one consolation is seeing The foxes and The Hammers throwing a spanner in the works for the usual top six clubs.

Long may it continue.


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I'm glad that wasn't on BT Sport, I was near enough to a nervous breakdown following the MBM updates on the Guardian website.

What a season, Man City next week and they can't go on winning for ever.
mmmm , I hope your wrong !! 😉


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ahhhh our Emlyn. Loved that guy, what a player.......never gave less than 100%
1969ish I got my daughter a big teddy. It was red n white and named Emlyn.
I remember that game as being the one where the whole attitude of the city of Liverpool changed. It became one of fearless swagger. The soft-bellies were worried about the task ahead but wiser heads said have no fear, we'll win this one and it should be Barcelona who are frightened of us.


A simple enough win for Rangers today to restore our 18 point lead. :wahhey:
And Celtic stumble which leaves our lead at 18 points. 7 points now required which if both win their next 2 games, a point at Parkhead would finish the job at the first time of asking. 🤞
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