The "Good Jokes" section keeps disappearing.


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It has always been on the general chat section.........but now doesn't shown
I do a search and there it is...... although never on the first or last page.
It is NOT on 'ignore'. I have even tried pressing 'ignore' then 'unignore' but to no avail.
It is only this one section.
Any help would be appreciated.ff


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
Maybe the Mods are hiding the Good Jokes thread in their new Cruel Jokes one.

Rickshaw Phil

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Coming late to this; I'm not sure on this one. My suggestion would have been to check it hadn't accidentally got put on ignore but you've already done that.

The site software does sometimes throw up odd glitches if the cache on your device is full so it might be worth clearing that. Otherwise we could do with @Shaun's technical expertise and I really don't know when he is likely to be around next.
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