The Good Old Days

Some nice pics there! I have the TDF 2003 centenary book loads of pics just a pity it has Lance on the front.
I've linked to this several times, but I didn't realise that it's an outtake from a short documentary, directed by Louis Malle! You can see the entire documentary, without subtitles on vimeo, and you can find a transcript of the text here. Haven't watched the whole thing yet, but the transcript has the explicitly dealing with doping around the 10.30 mark.



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I know one was penalised because he had the blacksmiths son operating the bellows on the forge for him. Whilst he fixed the bike.
How times change.
Eugene Christophe. I think the penalty was of the order of 15 minutes but fixing the fork took several hours.

***Not quite: Wikipedia

"It took two hours to reach the forge. Lecomte offered to weld the broken forks back together but a race official and managers of rival teams would not allow it. A rider, said the rules, was responsible for his own repairs and outside assistance was prohibited. Christophe set about the repair as Lecomte told him what to do. It took three hours and the race judge penalised him 10 minutes - reduced later to three - because Christophe had allowed a seven-year old boy, Corni, to pump the bellows for him"


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The famous battle between Anquetil and Poulidor on the Puy de Dome in 1964 -

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I've been up there. I think they try to discourage cyclists nowadays though. Too many crashes maybe.
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