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The London Brompton Club

Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by London Brompton Club, 5 May 2013.

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    S PEPPIATT New Member

    Am I the first to post hope you all had a good weekend ride
  3. Mr Haematocrit

    Mr Haematocrit msg me on kik for android

    Out of the saddle
    Think I did fnrtcc to Brighton recently with a couple of members, the bumble bee looking fella :becool: was one of them and he had mate with a more moderate colour scheme with him..had a decent chat with them, both nice guys :thumbsup:
  4. Yes - that was 3 of us on The FNRTTC Brighton trip. See you again on the Burnham or Whitstable rides perhaps.
  5. Mr Haematocrit

    Mr Haematocrit msg me on kik for android

    Out of the saddle
    Im curious regarding how did you find the gearing for Ditchling on the bromptons?
    I was the fella with the featherweight orange child's size bike :laugh: we had a chat at hpc
  6. Hi Mr H. Still staggered at the weight of your bike! Thanks for marking the corners!

    Well, I made it up even on a higher-geared Brompton (KOM!). Mr Orange put a foot down, but made it after that (http://www.myorangebrompton.com/2013/04/london-to-brighton-on-brompton.html) & Mr BumbleBee walked a section.
  7. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Nice write-up, LBC. That's bread pudding, BTW, not bread & butter :smile:
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  10. redfalo

    redfalo known as Olaf in real life

    You're getting used to this, aren't you?
  11. bhgreeley

    bhgreeley New Member

    Hi, I'm a journalist from the U.S., writing an article about the Brompton for Businessweek. I'll be in the U.K. to visit the factory, and had hoped to tag along on a Brompton ride. Alas, I'll be in London the week of February 25th, and there are no scheduled rides that week. Would any of you care to go on a ride with me on, say, Sunday February 23rd? If you're curious, here's a similar feature I did last year.

    I promise to be a thoroughly amusing cycling companion.

    Brendan Greeley
    bgreeley2 bloomberg net