The most invincible bike?


A raleigh medale i bought in 1983.It only gets used once a week in the spring/summer now

jonny jeez

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Clausd butler competition.

Ridden for 20 years,,off road, on road, commuting, touring and in all that time I have replaced one block and chain, one shifter, a few cables, one chainring and two spokes.

Ps I assume we aren't counting tyres right?


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West Yorkshire
Well mine is an old Peugeot from the early 90's. Owned it for about 5 years and its needed nothing apart from a set of tyres. Believe its still on all the original bearings.


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A raleigh medale i bought in 1983.It only gets used once a week in the spring/summer now
Ive been donated two of those, one a drop bar and the other a flat bar version. Both were almost completely original and still going strong some 30 years later. I fettled them and paased them on via freegle or similar.
The 70 odd year old gardener at my previous company had an ancient 3 speed derailleur equipped Raleigh, 26x1.3/8 wheels, bar brakes , sky blue with huge mudguards...mostly original, still went like a good one. Ive never seen a 3 speed derailleur/freewheel before..or since. I suspect it was maybe a 1950s bike.


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My 1996 Alpinestars, still going strong as my winter mtb and trailer tow bike. Original paint, wheels, bearings, seat and grips. The original gruppo has gone, but only because I upgraded to a shiny STX-RC groupset, which is itself nearly as old as the bike.


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Orange P7.... i think it's 20 this year. still got the original bars, grips, brake levers & gears* (bar the rear d.) and seatpost but the seat, wheels and crankset have been upgraded, nicked or replaced a number of times.

*STX-RC really was built to last!


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I had a Raleigh Winner that I got around 1984 (I don't remember exactly but I do remember that it was a bit big for me) that I used for over 5 years. I used it to get to school and then sixth form and even after I left school entirely. We went on long rides (around 60 miles) in the summer holidays and shorter rides at weekends and other times of the year. In short I was only off the bike to eat and sleep. When I replaced it it still had the original tyres, rims, cassette and chain and the wheels had only been in for truing a couple of times even though I thrashed them. I loved that bike.
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