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The perfect Audax bike?

Discussion in 'Audax, Brevet and Randonnee' started by burntoutbanger, 8 Jan 2018.

  1. Banjo

    Banjo Fuelled with Jelly Babies

    South Wales
    I have recently switched to a 48 32 chainset from a 50 34.
    Its noticeable that I am staying on the big ring more in undulating rides so less front end changing.

    My average speed on rides I do often is much the same.

    The cassette is 11 32.
    I often find myself rolling downhill tucked down at the same speed as others pedalling furiously.
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  2. Aravis

    Aravis White-Haired Trundler

    I couldn't agree more. I made exactly this change a couple of years ago, switching the supplied 11-30 for a 12-32. Although the difference seems fairly subtle, with six of the eight cogs being the same, throwing away the superfluous 11-tooth and shifting everything else outwards by one position made a world of difference, with my most-used gears being in the best places.

    On the face of it, using something like 42/32/22 with an 11-25 would produce a similar result. That risks heading us towards the fruitless "is 48/16 really the same as 42/14?" argument, and I wouldn't want to do that...
  3. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    My Audax bike is still triple (50-38-26 and 12-30) but on my 'second best' I've replaced the outer chain ring with a bash guard, and gone to 44-28 (with an 11-32 cassette) Gives me similar enough range to the triple, and a bit less front changing.
  4. Ajax Bay

    Ajax Bay Über Member

    East Devon
    I think this is an excellent combination (especially if you need a really short low gear) but 12-30t (Shimano) cassettes are, I think, not sold (in UK).
  5. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    Indeed - but this is Campag (10s), except for the chainset which is 105.
    And yes, I do like (need) a very short lowest gear :-)
  6. Big T

    Big T Über Member

    I used to love audaxing on my 631 steel Langdale with a 9 speed Tiagra groupset and a 48/38/28 Spa chainset, which replaced the original Tiagra road triple. Unfortunately, I broke the frame a couple of yeas ago and rather than replaced the frame I bought a BTwin 520 with full Sora triple groupset. I mainly do Alfreton audaxes which include lots of Peak District climbs and the Triban copes well with these. In high summer, I tend to use my Sumer bike - a Trek Domane 2.0 with full Tiagra 10 speed and Road triple. Again, I can get up most Peak District hills on this and I'm no lightweight.
  7. keithb

    keithb Well-Known Member

    To go back to the original issue - Brakes.
    Cantis can be very sensetive to straddle cable set-up, so it may be worth considering having a play with the height/length of the straddle wire.
    Also, pads can be critical. I've found that fitting longer "V" brake cartridge pads (72mm, triple compound clarkes ones from memory) transformed the cantis on my cross bike). I bought some on sale at CRC a while back for about £2 a pair, with an additional set of pad inserts included!
    Be aware that Mini-V's tend to need setting up very close to the rim to be effective.

    Maybe a change in set-up or pad type is all you need, before you start throwing money at a new bike?
  8. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    I don't do Audax but I ride an Audax bike which to me is something between an out and out road bike and a tourer. They were once called fast tourers or they were when I was growing up. Gearing is a triple 49/38/26 with a 12-25 cassette, which suits me. I spend most of my time on the 38 riding 60 to 76" gears which gives me an average of 14-16mph. The outer and the inner serve on lumpier or windier rides. Other characteristics are, it's steel, has mudguards and front and rear rack braze ons for light touring. It's pretty much ideal for what I do and how I ride.
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