The Retirement Thread


Cracking a solo.
It's only a real flounce if they start their own thread and write and write a book about why they are flouncing. ^_^
Well, you're not far off ;)


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Propping up the bar in Woods Bar in Dulverton.:cheers::okay:
That looks a nice cozy bar.


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I had a power nap when we got back from shopping dinner time, I don't know what's going on but the super market was rammed this morning, we go on a Friday as it's normally quieter, not this morning though. I've also made an excecutive decision and put back our trip to Warrington we were going on tomorrow, I looked at the weather forecast and decided I didn't fancy several hours on the M6 in the wind and rain, or walking round a wet Warrington, my Good Lady and stepdaughter are disappointed but the forecast is better a week later.
Panic in the shops because of the weather forecast? :laugh:
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