The Retirement Thread


Call me Mr Softy but I have just given MrsD 5 roses.
I will eat the rest of the box myself but its the thought that counts innit.


If 6 Was 9 your pension. To my knowledge 35 years contributions will get you a full pension.
That's what I thought.
However, having been contracted out for 30 years and retiring early, it made quite a difference to the amount I would get.
By paying for 4 years NI contributions that I've missed since I left, it takes my state pension to £160 per week when I pick it up in November. I can live with that on top of my two private company pensions.

@Mo1959 - the Got.UK website is very good and the staff are very helpful if you need to talk to them.
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dave r

Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner
:rain::rain::rain: here as well, I've been busy this afternoon, cooker cleaned, floors mopped and bins emptied. Lads been in touch, his cars in the dealers and they've found a burnt out earth cable, but they couldn't say why it had overheated. :angry:
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