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A dramatic change in the weather here this evening, sat on the terrace having a spot of lunch dinner time in warm sunshine, drove down my Brother In Law's mid afternoon and it was still sunny and warm, came out to drive home teatime and it was like winter, temperature has dropped and its blowing a hoolie. :eek:


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Do you mean using the old tube as an extra boot? I have never had to try it, but thought that if I got really stuck, I would try ripping the valve off the punctured tube and using that as a thick liner between the new tube and the damaged tyre. It might work?

Obviously some tyre damage is so extensive that a tube would always burst through the hole(s).
I run with tubeless tyres so I carry a tyre boot and two spare tubes. The gash in the tyre was about 0.5cm long though the actual hole with sealant leaking through was quite small. The gash ran down the sidewall to the edge of the rim.

I contemplated using the boot and tube but was convinced it would work because of the position of the gash. This is a £350 carbon wheel! :eek: So close to home I was happy to walk rather than risk a sudden deflation that might wreck the wheel.


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Just finished watching today’s stage of the Tour :eek:
That "good"!
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