The Retirement Thread


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Morning all...As Paulus said a very wet night, we now have a flooded patio. A day indoors doing a bit of art and replace the bulb in the fridge, plus a bit more catch up TV is about the limit for today.


Good morning fellow retirees. Mrs Tenkay is on the final part of the "Tour of the Peaks" on the turbo. 183 Km in total distance. I'll head out for another walk and catch up with the next episode of " Pilgrim". Each episode is a self contained story, though linked together in a common thread, I'm really looking forward to each episode that I listen to, while at the same time not wanting the series to end.
Finished my current book last night, one of the Jo Nesbo " Harry Hole" detective series.
Have a peaceful day folks


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Look to me more like a bird somehow so you may be right. Is there a prize for the right answer?
Nope. :laugh: I was just curious.

Still reports of cars off the road and stuck all over the place. :sad:
Light rain and no wind here and Temp 4.2C. Very low cloud but no snow to be seen anywhere. Looking at the weather warnings it should not get this far west.
Back down to the coop to look for yesterday's missing stuff. Found some mushrooms but longlife milk is only in the cartons you have to cut the top to open. They normally have the screwtop type so there must be a supply problem somewhere. The fact that they are emblazoned with union flags does not necessarily mean the milk is British. Could be just the cartons so blame B-----.
When I was down today's lorry was just arriving. Twenty one miles in thirty minutes with half of it on single track. He must have been hammering up the road.
We got stuck once heading for a ferry when one of them went into the ditch and had to wait for a heavy lifter to get him out. We expected to be held up but he was heading for the same ferry. With the Transit which was no slouch I had difficulty keeping up and we made the sailing.
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